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Take stock of the world's ten strangest forbidden areas: Japan's suicide forest only ranks eighth!

Thanks to the development of science and technology, human beings have been able to fly out of the earth and explore outer space. However, there are still many mysterious areas inside the earth and around human beings. They often have mysterious phenomena, which affect the body and mind of every netizen. Although there is no vast space from outer space, its mystery is not bad at all. Today, according to the votes of netizens, we sorted out the top ten most mysterious regions in the world!

1. Bermuda Triangle, death hell, worthy of the first!

When it comes to the most mysterious and famous area of the earth, it's the Bermuda Triangle, because in history, a series of supernatural phenomena and events that violate the laws of physics that can't be explained by science often happened in this area, including the strange disappearance of many airplanes and the distress of ships. According to statistics, hundreds of ships and planes have been wrecked and thousands of people have been killed here. So it is also known as the devil's triangle or death hell.

For this reason, some people speculate that Bermuda is the base of aliens, and people who have no intention of breaking into Bermuda have been detained; others think that there are cracks in time and space in Bermuda, and people who have entered Bermuda have drifted to other time and space! In a word, there are different opinions about the mysterious events in Bermuda!

2. U.S. Area 51, known as UFO research base!

Most people insist that there are aliens in the universe, and humans have already had contact with aliens, but the information is blocked by the military. As one of the most powerful countries in the world, the United States has contacted with aliens as early as half a century ago, and has set aside an area as a base for the study of aliens. This is the most popular rumor in mysterious Area 51. Of course, the United States has always been reluctant to admit this.

3. Loch Ness, Scotland, water monster!

The beautiful Loch Ness is mysterious, because the legend of the water monster in the lake makes it famous all over the world. The lake, which is located in the highlands of Scotland, is the largest lake in Scotland. It is 180 meters deep and covers an area of 56.4 square kilometers.

4. Stonehenge, UK!

Stonehenge is located in amsbury, a small village more than 120 kilometers away from London. About Stonehenge, it was built by aliens. It may be a kind of communication signal from aliens. Otherwise, how did they build such a "stone city" in ancient times when the production technology was very low? Moreover, the stone city could not keep out the wind and rain, and seemed to have no real use. Therefore, it added a mysterious atmosphere to Stonehenge.

5. Easter Island, Chile!

Chile's Easter Island was first discovered by Dutch navigator Jacques middot logaven on April 5, 1722. It was Christian Easter, so it was named Easter Island. There are nearly a thousand huge stone statues all over Easter Island. They lie on the wild slopes or by the sea. There are dozens of them standing on the artificial platform by the sea, alone or in groups, facing the sea, looking high. Up to now, who carved these stone statues on the island, what they symbolize, and how people transported them from the quarry to the seaside dozens of kilometers away, all these can't be revealed, making people daydream.

6. Mexico baby Island, weird and terrible!

There is a doll island not far from Mexico City. It is famous for thousands of dolls hanging on the trees. These dolls are all over the place, and some of them are tied to the trees, which makes it more and more mysterious. At the same time, there are haunted news, making here even more creepy!

7. Devil's kettle falls, Minnesota, USA!

It can be seen from the name that when the waterfall reaches the middle of the mountain, it suddenly branches into two branches. The first one is very normal and flows all the way to the bottom of the mountain and reaches the river. The latter one flows into a cave with its mouth upward when it is half of the mountain and never fills it. If anything falls in, it can be said that it will disappear forever. 8. Aokighara, Japan, the second most popular suicide scene in the world!

This forest is located at the bottom of Mount Fuji. Aokighara is probably the most famous forest in Japan. It covers an area of more than 3500 mu, and the forest is full of curly trees. According to reports, it is said that there are ghosts, demons and drunkards surrounded by haunted places. Unfortunately, it's also the second most popular suicide scene in the world. Since the 1950s, more than 500 people have committed suicide there. The police even put up a sign at the entrance of the forest saying 'cherish your life'!

9. Orwharton bridge in Scotland, the bridge of suicide

Owaton bridge is a Victorian bridge in a small town in England. It was built in 1895. It is an arc bridge. The owaton bridge was built in 1895 by Lord owaton, a Calvinist. After its completion, it was full of mystery. The ornate Victorian arch hung over the owaton River 50 meters high, and the surging water flowed from below. As of October 31, 2009, more than 600 people have jumped off the owaton bridge in Scotland, and 12 to 15 dogs have jumped off each year. These events were supposed to be attracted by supernatural forces. Although the answer was finally revealed, the exact location of the accident has not been reasonably explained.

10. Manchak swamp, USA, 'ghost swamp'; manchak swamp is located in Louisiana, USA!

In 2013, the region was rated as one of the top ten thriller spots in the world by the US website crave online. Its mysterious legend has become one of the top ten creepy places in the world that you want to visit.