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Review of the top ten terrorist cannibalism incidents in the world

cannibalism is extremely cruel, perhaps the highest taboo of human culture. However, since ancient times, cannibalism has occurred from time to time. There are many reasons for cannibalism: because of customs and culture, because of survival needs, or just for pleasure, no matter what reason, cannibalism is unforgivable. A foreign website has taken stock of the ten most typical cannibalism incidents for us. Let's have a look at these real horror movies. (link to the original text: , this article is edited and edited by Sihai Qiwen, please indicate the source for reprint, and please add our official wechat www4hw for more highlights)

1. Explorer packer

Parker, an American gold prospector, was jailed for cannibalism for 40 years. On February 9, 1874, he and five companions went to the Colorado mountains to explore. Two months later, Parker returned alone. When asked about the whereabouts of five of his companions, Parker confessed that he had killed them in self-defense and had to eat the corpses of his companions in order to survive in an environment where no food could be found.

2. Albert fish eats little girls

In any sense, Albert fish is a real beast. His nicknames are 'mad moonkiller', 'wystria werewolf' and 'Brooklyn Vampire'. He is a sadist, paranoid patients, what's more, he enjoys doing evil for pleasure, and gets the greatest satisfaction from his ugly behavior. Besides being proved to be a serial killer and cannibal, he is also a pedophile and paranoid. (link to the original text: , this article is edited and edited by Sihai Qiwen, please indicate the source for reprint, and please add our official wechat www4hw for more highlights)

3. Cannibalism within the revolutionary united front of Sierra Leone in West Africa

The revolutionary united front is a revolutionary organization in Sierra Leone, West Africa. By the end of the 1990s, after their long-term cruel and bloody violence, the central government was overthrown. In order to take possession of the country's diamond mining rights, the armed men intimidated Sierra Leone farmers. Under the protection of the national patriotic front of Liberia, the revolutionary united front (RUF) has carried out terrorist violence, including forcing children to join the army, amputating the enemy and eating their meat.

4. Japanese Sasakawa, a female student

When studying English literature at the University of Paris in 1981, Japanese Ichikawa fell in love with Renee hartevelt, a 25-year-old Dutch female student. He eventually killed her and ate her raw. He also vividly described the process in his own book later, when his rich father claimed that he was not fit to be tried in France and tried to extradite him to Japan, where he was finally free. He was infatuated with what he had done and became a national figure in Japan. He wrote several best-selling novels, and the cannibalism case of Ichikawa provided material for the 1981 song La folie by the bands and the 1983 song toomuchblood by the rolling stones.

5. Ukrainian pervert ogre katillo

Born in Ukraine, chicatiro was a serial killer and rapist. Chicatiro was once a respected teacher. In the eyes of his family, he was like a kind grandfather. In the eyes of his neighbors, he was a happy married man. He was the last person on the list of suspected "possible serial killers". However, he was the culprit of a series of murders and cannibalism in Russia.

6. The moelova family cannibalism

This is a terrible sectarian cannibalism in the Czech Republic. A mother of an extremist family is suspected of imprisoning and abusing her two sons and cutting the flesh of one of them with a knife for her family to eat. The mother claimed that she had been "brainwashed" by her religious sister before instigating child abuse. During the trial of the cannibalism in the Czech city of Brno, 31 year old woman moelova cried in court and admitted to abusing her 8-year-old son ondre and her 10-year-old son Jacob. Moelova, a member of the 'grail movement' sect, trapped him in a cage for several months and sliced off his flesh piece by piece with a knife and shared it with her family. (link to the original text: , this article is edited and edited by Sihai Qiwen, please indicate the source for reprint, and please add our official wechat www4hw for more highlights)

7. Amin Mavis cannibalism

German Armin Meiwes is the embodiment of evil. Although he has long been sentenced to life imprisonment, his record of terror cannibalism has only recently been widely known. It is reported that in 2001, an advertisement on his website said that he was looking for a man who had voluntarily been killed and eaten, and that he was required to be strong, aged between 18 and 30. It's incredible that a man named Bern Brandes agreed. The two men met at Christmas and started their evil plans. Maivez took a video tape of the process of slowly cooking his corpse. He successively recorded 50 videos recording his horrible acts of killing and eating corpses.

8. Jeffrey Damore cannibalism

Damore, a Milwaukee, Wisconsin native, is a serial killer, corpse lover and cannibal. This extremely dysfunctional fellow lures young men into their homes, then uses alcohol or drugs to make them drowsy, then kills and dismembers them. In addition to eating the victim's flesh, he experimented with corpses. After his arrest, Damore was sentenced to multiple life sentences for 15 homicide counts.

9. Cannibalism in the West Indies in the Caribbean

Modern records of cannibalism began with Columbus' expedition to the West Indies. Even in the western countries at that time, cannibalism was regarded as cruel and blasphemous. The first Europeans who set foot on that land, the Caribbean aborigines, felt an indescribable fear when they chewed human flesh after the war.

10. Stella & middot; cannibalism by Maris university football team

On October 13, 1972, Stella & middot; Maris university football team set out from Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, to participate in a rugby match in Santiago, Chile. As the plane passed through the Andes, it was hit by strong winds and heavy snow. Due to bad weather and pilot error, the plane crashed in an unnamed mountain range on the border between Chile and Argentina. Of the 45 people on board, 16 died on the spot. In the weeks that followed, 13 more people died of injuries, avalanches or starvation. Search and rescue teams from three countries searched for the plane in vain. They suspect that all the passengers have died, but the surviving passengers have written the most tragic record in the history of human existence. (link to the original text: Due to lack of food and no way to keep warm, the players spent a terrible 72 days eating the meat of their victims, and finally were rescued. On October 12, 2002, 14 surviving players returned to the olive field for a game that had been postponed for 30 years.