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The world's most wayward top 25 banknotes: printing 500 billion yuan in denomination

Money and paper money are used every day. You may not find it special.

But you don't know that since ancient times, there are many very special coins in the world, including banknotes that are too big for inflation, the most innovative commemorative coins, and so on. It must be an eye opener

1. Zimbabwe: 10000000000 banknotes (100 trillion, about 180 yuan)

Very exaggerated inflation & hellip; of course, there are more exaggerated inflation, want to 100 trillion rich? Not simple!

2. Germany: Wood money.

After World War I, Germany fell into an economic crisis and some people began to draw their own coins.

3. Cook Islands: Weird pictures

There are a series of erotic scenes from Polynesian culture on the banknotes of the Cook Islands.

4. Fiji: Silver meteorite coins

This 2012 coin really has meteorites that fell in Germany in 2002, but why do we do this is still puzzling!

Palau Republic: Sacred coins

This coin is small, but it contains the holy water of Lourdes!

6. Palau Republic: Pearl coins

There are really green freshwater pearls in these coins.

7. Belarus: Animal money

Instead of releasing historical politicians, Belarus has released some lovely animals.

8. Easter Island: three dimensional money

The stone of Easter Island has always been a feature of their coins, but this one is more special and can stand in three dimensions.

9. Tristan da Cunha Islands: Concorde coin

There are also hot coins and shields!

10. China: the oldest banknote

Long before Europeans began to use paper money, the Chinese used it. It goes back to the 1380s.

11. Beninese Republic: marijuana money

This 100 Franc coin is special because of the green hemp leaves behind it.

12. Democratic Republic of Congo: penetrating banknotes.

In 1997, when Mobutu was overthrown, the government did not print new banknotes. Instead, he was removed from his face.

13. Mongolia: Talking coin

Mongolia specifically uses a picture of Kennedy giving a speech I'm a Berliner, as a coin design, but what's even cooler is that when you press the button on the coin, you play a short segment of the speech.

14. Northern Ireland: George & middot; best notes

This is a note in memory of Manchester United football player George Best.

15. Philippines: the largest banknote (US $7522)

The 100000 pesos also hold the record for the largest issue.

16. Ivory Coast: real mammoth coins

Each coin has a little bit of mammoth in it.

17. Nazi Germany: concentration camp coins

No such coins were actually used in the concentration camps. The Nazis made them just because they wanted to show them to the Red Cross investigators.

18. Indonesia: rupiah 20000 = US $1.67

It's also because of inflation.

19. Zambia: precision silver coins

This shape is a combination of Australia and Zambia, and an ounce of silver.

20. Thailand: square money

This is the largest banknote in the world to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the emperor's accession to the throne.

21. Russia: parchment notes

It was issued by the Russian American trading company in the mid-1800s for use in Russian American colonies.

22. Thailand: Queen's birthday celebration

In order to celebrate the queen of Thailand's 72nd birthday, the Thai government will issue this piece of 100 baht.

23. Hungary: 100000 mpago

It is impossible to count the number of zeros in this note, which is the best representative of inflation in 1946. However, it is only worth 1.2 yuan.

24. Yugoslavia: 500 billion yuan

Another example of inflation.

Germany: emergency money

This 50 Finney note is an emergency coin, which is printed locally and depicts some local customs.