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Ten most expensive famous knives in the world

Ten most expensive famous knives in the world

There were many legends about weapons in the middle ages, and the owners of many weapons were also very famous, and even became one myth after another, like the legendary King Arthur and the magic sword. Here, we bring you the ten most legendary and expensive famous knives in the world.

The 13th century Kamakura Katana

For hundreds of years, samurai swords have been single blade swords, specially used by Japanese samurai. They are made from the best materials and are considered to be the clearest and most exquisite swords. These weapons have even become an important part of Japanese culture. It is illegal to sell or export precious samurai swords from Japan. They are and are considered priceless.

In 1992, about 1100 Japanese knives were put up for auction. In just one day, the sale amount reached $8 million. The 13th century Kamakura samurai sword sold for $418000 and was purchased by a private collector who did not want to be named. It remains the most expensive samurai sword ever sold in private auction.

9. Admiral Lord Nelson's French officer sword

Horatio Nelson (1758-1805), discovered in 2001, contains thousands of documents and documents, medals, jewelry, money and weapons, including the French officer's sword of Admiral Lord Nelson.

The 17th century Indian Talwar blade

The Royal knife was sold in Sotheby's in 2007. This is a slightly curved European knife with a gold inscription. Decorated with poppies and lotus flowers, this beautiful sword belongs to the 17th century Mughal emperor Shah Jahan.

7. Qianlong imperial hunting knife

This exquisite hunting knife is believed to belong to Emperor Qianlong. The handle of the knife is made of antelope horn, which is quite rare. At the bottom of the handle, a hidden compartment can be used to hold a pair of chopsticks and toothpicks.

The scabbard of the weapon is made of rhinoceros horn, which is twisted by six or three clawed dragons. The sword is made of gold, and the scabbard is inlaid with turquoise, coral, glass and so on. Experts believe that this kind of knife really belongs to Emperor Qianlong. In 2009, it sold 9.62 million Hong Kong dollars in Sotheby's.

6. Ulysses S. Grant & amp; s Civil War presentation sword

This sword belongs to a very important historical figure, Ulysses & middot; S & middot; grant. He was given the sword in 1864. The weapon has the abbreviation USG spelled out with 26 diamonds. In 2007, the sword was sold as a relic for $1600000.

5. 'the gem of the Orient' knife

Oriental gem is a luxurious knife designed by paster Warenski in 1966. Nearly 50 years later, Warenski is considered one of the greatest knife manufacturers in the world.

The 'Oriental gem' snuff handle contains 153 emeralds, a total of 10 carats. Nine diamonds (5 carats) and 28 ounces of gold were used to create the handle and the rest of the blade.

4. Shah Jahan & amp; s personal Dagger

This is the second weapon belonging to the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. Shah Jahan (1592-1666), emperor of the Mughal Empire in India, this dagger looks low-key with elegant leaves and gold inscriptions and decorations.

The dagger was made by the late Jacques desenfans of Belgium. The dagger details the name, position, and place of Shah Jahan and the date of manufacture of the dagger.

3. 15th century Nasrid period ear Dagger

Ear daggers are some of the most significant contributions to the Nasrid period, native to North Africa. It has two flat disks, similar to the ears. They were widely used in Spain in the 15th and 16th centuries and were introduced to Europe through Italy.

The decoration around the knife includes the figure of a man, hunting many animals (including lions). The dagger was sold in 2010.

2. Napoleon Bonaparte & amp; s Gold encrusted saber

Napoleon Bonaparte is known as the saber that he carries with him.

It passes on generations of Bonaparte families and is considered a monument to history and therefore cannot leave the country.

1. 18th century Boateng saber

After 2006, the knife was auctioned twice, the first for $5930000 and another two years for $7700000. The inscription and decoration of the weapon indicate that the second Dao belongs to Emperor Qianlong.

The knife is decorated with inlaid gold, silver and copper. On one side, a poetic two character name is revealed: baoteng or 'flying dragon is precious'.

The top ten famous swords in the world are only selected according to the auction price. There are many famous swords in the world that are priceless and have no auction, so they are not listed here.