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The world's top 10 wonderful works with great taste

Are you often dissatisfied with your work? But wait a minute, if you know there are other bad jobs in the world, you may be grateful to God. British media recently took stock of the worst jobs in the world.

Top 1 hip cleaner.

Let's talk about sumo wrestlers. When it comes to sumo wrestlers, you must be very familiar with them, because their huge body has left a deep impression.

Because sumo wrestlers are fat, it's hard to reach the back and buttocks with their arms, so it's difficult to wipe them after entering the toilet conveniently.

In the past, this work was given to the junior students of SUMO school. However, in view of the basic dignity of human beings, the Japanese government has repeatedly banned such acts. But now someone is willing to do it for money.

Top 2 crocodile trainer

We may all work with agile colleagues, but how does it feel to put our heads in the mouths of crocodiles?

It's not a thriller, it's a way of making a living. At Thailand's Pattaya crocodile farm, such a job pays only 4 pounds a day.

In addition, trainers also need to practice a 'stunt', which is to kiss the neck of a large crocodile.

Top 3 sniffer

Recently, two professional masters, i.e. 'smeller' and 'smeller', were invited to Jiangsu TV's "very good" program hosted by Guo Degang.

The "fart sniffer" mainly tests the health status of the body through people's farts, and has a higher salary than the ordinary work. However, most people are reluctant to do this work.

Many netizens feel that even if they are paid 300000 yuan a year, they are not willing to be a "sniffer".

Top 4 olfactory armpit

It doesn't sound so good to smell some body odor, but PETA & Middleton; Jones does it all day.

Jones is a deodorant manufacturer of Unilever group in Australia. Her main task is to smell the armpits of strangers to test the efficacy of the product.

PETA said: 'it was strange at first, but it was only a week's work. '

Top 5 initiative to let mosquitoes bite

Helga Middleton zieler's job was terrible - ask mosquitoes to bite themselves. He works in the Brazilian rainforest. In order to study the behavior of mosquitoes, he is willing to devote himself to luring mosquitoes.

Although Ziller has suffered from malaria, he is still excited to say: 'for me, the bite of thousands of mosquitoes is far less than the beauty of the rainforest. '

Top 6 whale snot collector

A lot of people who see a whale usually Scream: 'it's breathing There'. However, Karina & middot; Acevedo & middot; Whitehouse, a marine biologist at the Zoological Society of London, gave it a new meaning.

She operates a remote-controlled helicopter loaded with Petri dishes, collecting samples from the rolling mucus that whales squirt out of their blowholes to analyze viruses and bacteria.

Karina said: 'sometimes it's quite dangerous. '

Top 7 clean up crime scene

Crime scene investigation is no less than beating chicken blood for TV viewers. However, the crime scene cleaning after the dead is really to be avoided.

Married couples such as Mike & Middleton; nestworth and Carmen & Middleton; belax work to clean up the scene of the dead in Orlando, Florida, the worst of which is in a hot Trailer.

Top 8 sewer diver

We often complain that our work is terrible, but Julio and Middleton camara's work is terrible. He "swims" through the sewers of Mexico City for hours a day, cleaning the pipes with his hands.

Julio had 1400 'dives' in 30 years, each lasting six hours and swimming 7500 miles in the sewer.

Zhu had to wear a helmet to keep himself from being polluted by man-made, chemical and animal waste and the stench it gave off.

Julio has found horse bodies, dead pigs, guns, cigarette butts, car parts, furniture and refrigerators. But he said the worst thing was that people were found in the sewers.

Top 9 tasting pet food

Every cat and dog 'dish' at M & S has been tasted by Simon & Middleton; Alison. He said: 'I love my job, but the bottom line is swallowing. '

During the break, Simon chews gum to get rid of the dog smell.

Top 10 watching grass grow

Lawn expert Helen Middleton sothal works for the British seed society at Lincoln University. Her daily duties include counting and planting 400 seed samples. Then, one by one, she began to monitor grass growth.

'when I told people my job was to stare at the grass, they thought it was incredible. But the job is so glamorous that I don't have to do anything else. It's worth watching a perfect lawn stretch. 'said Helen.