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British women are addicted to eating toilet paper: they can't stop until they finish a roll

The woman, Jed Sylvester, said she can't help tearing off eight pieces of toilet paper every time she goes to the bathroom, and even eating a whole roll of toilet paper when she is seriously ill

Jed Sylvester, who suffers from PICA

Beijing, Dec. 11 (Xinhua) - according to foreign media reports, there is a British woman suffering from pica who eats toilet paper every day, and according to herself, she can't stop without eating a roll.

According to the report, the woman's name is Jed Middleton Sylvester. She said that every time she went to the toilet, she could not help tearing off eight pieces of toilet paper to eat, and even had to eat a whole roll of toilet paper when she was seriously ill.

According to the report, jade, 25, has been trying to eat toilet paper since she was pregnant. At first, I just tear some edges and corners to eat, and then I start eating the whole piece.

Doctors say the reason for this is that Jed developed anxiety when she was pregnant, which eventually led to pica. Doctors also pointed out that the general pica is not a physical problem, or the lack of some elements in the human body, but a psychological disease.

Jed said he likes toilet paper not because it tastes good, but because it tastes like paper in his mouth, especially dry toilet paper.

Jed also tried to quit toilet paper and tried to avoid going to the toilet, the report said. But it failed in the end.

At present, the woman suffering from pica is undergoing psychological treatment