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The top 10 stories of sleepwalking that are hard to explain by science: 20 years of overeating in wo

Sleepwalking is a kind of sleep disorder in neurology. The symptoms are generally walking around the residence in a half awake state, but some patients will leave the residence or make some dangerous actions. Sleepwalkers seem to live in a private world. There are various ways of sleepwalking, both ordinary and bizarre. The news events listed below can be regarded as the classic cases of sleepwalking.

1. The video of a man secretly filming his mother's sleepwalking is very popular and the "smile" is full of fruit

In September 2012, Nick found that his mother had sleepwalking symptoms. One night, he found that his mother began to sleepwalk again, so he set up a camera to record the whole process.

In the film, Nick's mother appears in the kitchen in pink pajamas, hands in front of her chest, body shaking left and right.

Nick asked his mother what she was doing, and her mother replied, "I need a special code." her feet moved back and forth at the same time, as if they were dancing some kind of dance step. Then she turned around and smiled at the camera.

2. In March 2009, a dog in the U.S. suffered from sleepwalking and ran against the wall with his eyes closed. During his dream, his limbs kept moving. The whole process was photographed by his owner and uploaded to the video website to make the dog red overnight.

The dog, biscuit, was lying on the ground, sleeping with his eyes closed, but his limbs were still moving, as if he was chasing something. He even got up to run and hit the wall.

3. In August 2012, Alison & Middleton; Bayer, who lives in Idaho, woke up to find a terrible thing. She didn't sleep in bed, but drifted in the cold river.

It turns out that Alison sleepwalked all the way from her home to the river and went down to swim.

Alison said she thought she was dreaming when she was in the river and was horrified when she realized it wasn't a dream.

4. The man strangled his wife who had been married for 40 years during the sleepwalking in November 2009. When a British couple went camping, the husband strangled his wife who had been married for 40 years in the sleepwalking state at night. The husband reported to the police the next morning.

It is reported that Brian & Middleton Thomas and his wife Christina are childhood sweethearts and have two daughters. Their daughter said their parents had a good relationship, and their father had the experience of sleepwalking.

5. American women's unexplained weight gain of 63.5kg during sleepwalking overeating in June 2009, Anna Ryan, a woman from Brooke springs, Missouri, was diagnosed as a sleepwalking bulimia by Dr Scott ivelov, a sleep expert.

Experts used eight night vision cameras to monitor Anna's night activities, which finally revealed Anna's "mystery of gaining weight".

6. Magic men's sleepwalking painting for more than 10 years is worth 5000 pounds. In March 2009, British North Wales man hudwin woke up without artistic cells. However, as long as he painted in his sleepwalking, each painting is full of artistic inspiration.

Hardwin is known as' sleepwalking Picasso ', and one of his paintings costs as much as 5000 pounds.

"Years ago, when I spent the night at a friend's house, his mother found out late at night that I was painting on their kitchen walls," hadwin recalled. '

7. The man accused of rape said he was acquitted of one hour's sleepwalking in court. In October 2009, a student of the Royal Academy of drama and art, who was accused of rape, was acquitted after raping a woman while 'sleepwalking'.

The woman said she woke up to find that Ni was having sex with her. 'I was awakened by his actions. I don't know how my clothes have been removed '.

British man accused of raping said he was not guilty of sleepwalking for an hour in court

The woman later accused nick of rape. But Nick yelled, "I don't remember ever doing this.". I'm not drunk. If I did, I should be sleepwalking.

8. British girl sleepwalking was strangled by a schoolbag on her neck and hanged in April 2012. Tiger, a British girl, was accidentally strangled by a schoolbag on her neck while sleepwalking, so she was hanged beside her double bed.

The first to discover the tragedy was her sister, shanella.

Her mother, Becky, said: 'tiger often sleepwalks, and that night she grabs Hello Kitty's bag to sleep because it's printed with her favorite TV cartoon characters. Perhaps because of this, she happened to be strangled by the backpack when she sleepwalked in the middle of the night. '

9. British mother "sleepwalking" was acquitted for robbing supermarkets with a kitchen knife. Maria Hudson, a mother in the grifsend area of Maidstone, Kent, UK, suffered from sleepwalking caused by epilepsy.

One night after she had an epileptic attack, she started to sleepwalk, picked up a kitchen knife from the kitchen and went to a local supermarket for robbery.

British mother "sleepwalking" is acquitted of stealing supermarket with kitchen knife

The court heard the case, and medical experts gave testimony, confirming that Maria did not know what she was doing at all, and finally the court acquitted Maria.

10. In September 2008, Jamie Robertson, a skydiver from chippstow, gwante, took part in the skydiving activity organized by the British Army skydiving association near nisselavon, Wiltshire.

But when he jumped out of the plane from 1370 meters high, he was hit heavily by the strong wind on the tail of the plane, and was knocked unconscious on the spot.

Fortunately, however, the impact also broke Jamie's spare parachute, which miraculously brought Jamie to the ground safely.