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Eye catching! The softest woman in the world

Seeing the softest body in the world, I believe your eyes will be amazing. It's extremely difficult to fold your body at will compared with ordinary people. Do you know how she practices?

Zlata, the softest person in the world, shot the calendar of 2015. At 1.75m, she weighs only 54kg. She can bend all parts of her body freely and make actions that are impossible for ordinary people.

Zlata said in an interview that it was' very natural 'for her to pose, except that occasionally it would be a bit uncomfortable to hold a pose for too long when taking pictures.

At the age of four, Zlata discovered that he had a special talent: he could bend his body back as far as possible until his upper and lower body overlapped completely.

I'm sure you will be curious about the girl with such soft body. Have you enjoyed the photos?