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Russia's 13-year-old girl's face is so beautiful that her classmates envy her and are forced to drin

Sometimes it's not a good thing that girls are so beautiful! Recently in Russia, a 13-year-old girl was bullied by her classmates who envied her beauty because she was too beautiful. Forced to drink the dirty water on the road, it seems that the jealousy of girls is absolutely deadly!

According to the latest foreign media reports, 13-year-old Russian girl Vlada kholod was bullied by her classmates because she was too beautiful. She was not only beaten, but also photographed being forced to kneel on the muddy road by four girls to drink dirty water.

The incident took place in the Western Ural Mountains of Russia, where 13-year-old Vlada kholod was beaten by four girls and forced to drink muddy water from muddy roads. The whole thing happened to be photographed by two little boys and uploaded to a social network called 'Vkontakte'. After that, the four girls who bullied Vlada were asked by the teacher to apologize and severely reprimanded.