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How dare you swallow 12 gold bars in an Indian man's body?

There are 12 gold bars in the body of the rich, which can be called a gold mine. Such a wonderful experience of swallowing tried to muddle the customs, and almost killed himself!

recently, 12 gold bars hidden in the belly of a rich businessman attracted the attention of many netizens. It is understood that the rich man swallowed all the gold bars in order to bring them into the territory. After returning home, he tried to discharge the gold bars in the toilet, but these precious metals' stuck 'in the gut. He tried many ways, such as drinking a lot of water and taking laxatives, but they didn't work. The doctor said that he did not eat for 10 days and tried to discharge the gold bar, which did not work. The pain was so unbearable that he finally decided to see a doctor.

He then went to a private hospital in India to ask doctors to remove the foreign body from his abdomen. He and his family claimed that he had swallowed a water bottle cap in a fit of rage. When the hospital operated on the rich businessman and tried to remove the bottle cap he swallowed, it was surprised to find that there were 12 gold bars in his stomach, which could be called "gold mine". "The doctor took 12 gold bars from his abdomen, each weighing 33 grams, with a total weight of 396 grams.