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The largest tree house in the world is exposed in the shape of palace lock and city tree bed. It has

I believe that everyone has such a dream that one day they can live in a tree, build a huge room, and live like on land. Do you know what the largest tree house in the world looks like? Let's first look at the data on Horace Burgess. It's estimated to be 97 feet tall, and Horace Burgess looks like a heart.

The 11 story Horace Burgess treehouse has created more than 8000 square feet of space, and has been built with at least 250000 nails to hold them together. Extension: the lingering place of Baile and jiangyichen in gongsuo Liancheng is more like a tree bed

Although "Gong Suo Lian Cheng" has been criticized since it was broadcasted, there is no doubt that its ratings are very high, and many guest stars are also very bright spots. Especially in the first episode, when Baile and Jiang Yichen are lingering on the tree bed paved with rose petals, do they have to admire their mother's mind? Maybe in the ancient costume play, this is the earlier model of tree house, which can only be called tree bed. Are you looking forward to such a romantic scene? Is there a modern love theme hotel style?