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Check the suffocating terror ladder

Angkor Wat temple ladder in Cambodia Angkor Wat is a Buddhist holy land. It's not a shame to climb this 70 degree Temple ladder with hands and feet or with ropes. The guide said the steep step was to remind people that the road to heaven is very difficult.

climbing steps of Huashan Mountain in Shaanxi Province

If a word is used to describe the climbing steps of Huashan Mountain, it can only be "danger". There is no official figure for the level of climbing ladder. Perhaps because only care about the foot, no one has the mind to count the steps. There are chains on both sides of Huashan Mountain climbing ladder, which is convenient for tourists to climb and ensure their safety at the same time.

the famous Inca ladder in Peru is located in the ruins of Machu Picchu ancient city in Peru. It was built more than 500 years ago and has a total length of about 600 feet. This step is steep and smooth, with granite steps leading to the rarely visited Moon Temple. Although climbing is difficult, in order to climb the Moon Temple and enjoy the spectacular scenery around, it is worth it. The Inca stairway is open to only 400 visitors a day, and chains are installed in the severely damaged areas to ensure safety. On one side of the stairs are steep, slippery walls, on the other side are cliffs, and the rolling Urubamba River can be seen from a low head.

Located in Yosemite National Park, California, the half Moonstone ladder half Moonstone requires tourists to drag the steel cable and climb step by step. Fortunately, every few meters, there is a plank across the two ropes, which can stand for a little rest. The ladder is more than 400 feet high vertically. The half moon stone is open to tourists from the memorial day to the middle of October every year, with only 300 seats per day.

moon well in India

Moon well is located in the village of abanelli, Rajasthan, India. It is a thousand year old man-made stairwell with a history of 1200 years. It is as famous as the landmark building of India, the Taj Mahal. All year round, nearby residents draw water from this millennium well. The moon well is made up of 3500 narrow symmetrical steps, which go deep into the ground like a labyrinth without end. The 13 story stairwell, about 100 feet (30 meters) underground, is one of the deepest and largest in the world. Although it is an open building, moon well also has its own microclimate, and the temperature at the bottom of the well is 5-6 degrees lower than the surface.

Ladder bridge in Switzerland

Switzerland's step bridge is located in the vermala Valley, which is located above a side valley. It is designed by engineer julg conzette and colleague Rolf bajofina. The bridge is designed with steps to solve the problem of altitude difference between the two sides of the side valley. Before the construction of the stepped bridge, there was a cable bridge above the side Valley, which was later destroyed in the rock avalanche. The viamara Canyon step bridge has a span of 56 meters and a height difference of 22 meters at both ends.