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Afternoon edition of the four wonders of the world

as a world factory, China has many products all over the world. Have seen Chinese people in foreign shopping malls crazy scavenging, but I do not know Japan and South Korea, Europe and the United States aunt to China will also rob our national goods, OK!

And the following ten national products are really NB. Let foreigners not love it!

1. old godmother

last year, "Lao Ganma" made a lot of noise on Weibo. In the United States, "Lao Ganma" is definitely "imported luxury goods from China". The price of a bottle of "Lao Ganma" in the United States is several times higher than that in China. Do foreigners like "old dry mother"?

I've been crazy about spicy sauce for more than 50 years. I've eaten many different kinds of spicy sauces during this period, but none of them can match the old Ganma.

2. Lenovo

Lenovo has the largest market share in the world.

Lenovo dominates the U.S. market, with Lenovo accounting for more than 40% of the $900 plus high-end PC market. Its notebook is almost the same as MacBook in various public occasions such as airports / venues in the United States.


Frost Sullivan, an ICT Industry Authority consulting company, released the 2013 analysis of the global DC power systems market to the world in mid June. According to the report, Huawei has become the No. 1 communication power supplier with a market share of 24.7%.

A foreign netizen's comments on the Forum:

Steady Huawei keep it up. In no time you will surpass Sumsung. IPhone

is history .by the way most HP are made in China including iPhone.

Hate China ? then throw your iPhone into the rubbish bin or deep sea.

US govt is listening so beware !

Huawei will keep stable. In the near future, you will surpass Samsung. IPhone will become a history. By the way, most HP devices are made in China, including iPhone, and hate China. Then you should put your iPhone in the toilet or deep sea. The U.S. government is monitoring your privacy. You should be careful

4. snake skin bag

the LV handbag of spring and summer 2007 has to surprise the Chinese people. You can sigh that it is too creative, or you can sigh that it is clearly plagiarism.

The original luxury brands are also very fake.

5. Huili 'smelly sneakers'

Huili shoes, which have a history of more than 40 years in China and sell for more than 20 yuan, have recently become the top-notch products that European and American fashion people are competing to buy. In Europe, its value has increased at least 25 times, reaching a staggering 50 euros (about 500 yuan).

Moreover, the French edition of Elle, the most authoritative fashion magazine, has written books for it. Its loyal fans span the performing arts circle and fashion circle. After the Chinese snakeskin bag was cloned by foreign fashion brands, the Chinese sneakers once again created a miracle in the fashion circle.

This is the look of Orlando & middot bloom, who starred in Lord of the rings and Pirates of the Caribbean, in New York, I love you. Always wear a pair of kickback shoes with more than 40 years of history in China.

6. Plum blossom sports suit

In 1982, Li Ning won six gold medals in the world championships in the suit of plum blossom; in 1984, Xu Haifeng won the first gold medal in the history of China's Olympic Games in the suit of plum blossom. Now plum blossom sweatshirts are back in the market, and they are very popular with young people. Even foreigners like this simple red suit.

7. treasure

In Japan, many products bear the mark of made in China. In the past, such a logo was only regarded as a symbol of cheap goods or low-quality goods. Now, more and more made in China have appeared in many top international brands. When many Japanese return to Japan from China, they will bring a lot of 'big treasures'. In Japanese cosmetics stores, Dabao's price is more than 10 times that of China.

All over the world, Xiaobian suddenly felt that "Dabao, see you every day" had a sense of white and rich beauty

8. Changjiang 750 Motorcycle

In China, besides being used as a public security organ, the biggest way out for tricycles has been collected by foreign nostalgic players. The price of Changjiang 750 in Japan is more than one million yen.

Many French people will buy a Yangtze 750 when they return home. What's the reason why the Yangtze 750 is so popular with foreigners? Maybe it's the rough driving feeling. Besides four forward gears, there's a reverse gear as high as 16km / h.

9. Chinese character tattoo

David Beckham: 'life and death are life and wealth are in the sky'

German high jumper Meredith Michaels's photo of the Chinese Zodiac & hellip; & hellip; elder sister, is it really good to say that?

Justin also tattooed a new tattoo on his chest. He thought the tattoo should be follow your heart, which means from the heart, but it turned out to be...

10. Red double happiness spittoon

Foreigners like to use the red double happiness spittoon, which was popular in China in the 1980s. Whether it's beer or fruit platter, they think the big red happy character on it has auspicious meaning. (it feels like something strange & hellip; & hellip;)

Foreigners drink beer with Chinese spittoons

Foreigners toast with spittoons

fruit plate

I don't know which bear kid taught them how to use it & hellip; & hellip; I don't think the world will be better & hellip; & hellip;