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Explore the world's eight appalling death valleys

Whether in Asia, Europe or America, the mysterious valley of death is everywhere. These places have been the forbidden area of life and the residence of death since ancient times. As long as human beings enter it by mistake, most of them will never return. Among them, the "hell Death Valley" of Kunlun Mountain in China, the "strange fog Death Valley" of Heizhugou, the "Death Valley" of the former Soviet Union, the "Human Death Valley" of the United States, the "Death Valley" of rock drift in the United States, the "animal death Valley" of Italy, the "death cave" of Java island in Indonesia and the "Death Valley" of Namibia are the eight most famous death valleys in the world.

I. The "Death Valley of hell" in Kunlun Mountain, China

In the Kunlun Mountains, there is a quiet valley, where the grass is luxuriant and the wild flowers are enchanting. However, in the swamp where the grass grows, it is soaked with the bones of countless animals and people. In addition, there are collapsed stone houses and barren hills and solitary graves everywhere in the valley, which makes it full of the breath of death. Herdsmen would rather starve their flocks to death in the Gobi desert than enter the fertile valley. Why on earth is this?

Kunlun Death Valley, also known as nalingle Canyon nalingle Canyon, is located in the Kunlun mountain area of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau. It starts from brentai in Qinghai in the East, brentai in the north and Shashan in the West. It is 105 kilometers long, 33 kilometers wide, 3500 square kilometers in area and 3200-4000 meters above sea level. Originated from the naringgol River on the Kunlun mountain more than 6000 meters high, the main ridge of Kunlun in the South goes straight into the sky, and the Qilian snow mountain in the north blocks the Qaidam Basin.

It is said that the shepherds who live in Kunlun mountain would rather starve their cattle and sheep to death on the Gobi desert because they don't have fat grass to eat, than enter the ancient and silent valley where the grass is luxuriant. This valley is the death valley. It is full of wolves' fur, bears' bones, hunters' steel guns and lonely graves. It gives the world a grim and frightening atmosphere of death. "Hell Death Valley of Kunlun Mountain, China

In 1983, a group of horses from the alar ranch in Qinghai Province entered the valley of death because they were greedy for the fat grass in the valley. A herdsman ventured into the valley to look for horses. A few days later, people didn't show up, but horses showed up. His body was later found on a hill. His clothes were broken, his feet bare, his eyes wide open, his mouth wide open, his shotgun still in his hand, a look of death in his eyes. What is puzzling is that he did not find any scars or signs of being attacked.

Shortly after the disaster, the geological team working nearby was also attacked by death valley. It was July 1983. It was very hot outside, but there was a sudden snowstorm near death valley. A thunder roar accompanied by a sudden snowstorm, the cook fainted on the spot. According to the cook's recollection, when he heard the thunder, he felt numb, his eyes were black, and then he lost consciousness. The next day when the team members went out to work, they were surprised to find that the original loess had become black soil, like ashes, and all animals and plants had been 'killed'.

The geological team quickly organized to investigate the valley. After investigation, it is found that the magnetic anomaly in this area is very obvious, and the distribution range is very wide. The deeper into the valley, the higher the magnetic anomaly value. Under the action of electromagnetic effect, the electric charge in the cloud and the magnetic field in the valley cause the electric charge discharge, which makes this area become a multi mine area, and the thunder often takes the running animals as the targets of attack.

Later, through the investigation of the Xinjiang geological team, it was found that there were obvious magnetic anomalies in the area, with a wide range of magnetic anomalies. The deeper the valley, the higher the value of magnetic anomalies. Experts believe that under the effect of electromagnetic effect, the magnetic anomaly in the valley produces air discharge phenomenon with the charge in the cloud layer, which makes the valley become a multi mine area. Once lightning occurs, the object of lightning is often the abrupt rocks and animals entering the valley.

In addition, geologists also found underground rivers in the swamps deep in the valley of death. It is a trap that engulfs life. If people and other animals step on it, they will immediately fall into it and be sent into the abyss by the great suction of the dark river.

There are lightning strikes on the top and underground rivers on the bottom, which is the reason for the death valley of Kunlun Mountain, and this speculation is also the best explanation for several consecutive events. 'strange fog Death Valley' in Heizhugou, China

2. The "strange fog Death Valley" in Heizhugou, China

In addition to the death valley of Kunlun Mountain, Heizhugou, which is about 100 kilometers southwest of Emei Mountain, is also a "devil's Valley".

According to the local people: in 1950, there were more than 30 people in the remnant of Hu zongnan of the Kuomintang. They crossed the Heizhu ditch with excellent weapons, but no one survived after entering the ditch. On the evening of June 24, 1991, seven members and 17 migrant workers of the design and engineering team of South Sichuan Forestry Bureau disappeared in Heizhugou. Fortunately, they were found early and found in time. These 24 people finally returned home after experiencing difficulties. According to incomplete statistics, since 1951, there have been many accidents in Heizhugou, causing three deaths and three injuries, and two people are missing.

What causes people to go missing after entering the ditch? Many reasons are still a mystery. But according to meteorologists, these disappearances are inextricably linked to the frequent occurrence of "strange fog" in the area.

Heizhugou is the transition zone between Sichuan Basin, Western Sichuan Plateau and mountainous area. The weather here is complex and changeable, the rain is changeable, the humidity is great, and the temperature difference between day and night in Shanghai is large, so the sky is often overcast and foggy. Once the fog is formed, because the local terrain is blocked and the air flow is not smooth, the fog will not disperse for a long time. The people and animals who enter the fog are often unable to identify the direction and get out of the mountain ditch, so they are very vulnerable to hunger, disease and other life.

The 'valley of death' in the former Soviet Union

Death Valley of the Soviet Union

The 'death valley' in the kronoki Nature Reserve in Kamchatka peninsula of the former Soviet Union is called by the local people as the 'life forbidden zone'. Anyone who breaks in cannot escape the tragic fate and will die in agony.

It is said that one year there was a fire here. Some animals were frightened and entered the valley in a hurry. As a result, they died soon after entering the valley. The body of the little animal was lying all over the place.

A forest watchman saw a fat bear break into the valley of death, trying to eat the carcasses of animals. As soon as he opened his mouth, he fell down inexplicably before he could taste the delicacies.

A series of strange events happened in "Death Valley" attracted the attention of scientists here. They specially sent an investigation team to the "Death Valley" for exploration and research. After a long period of investigation, scientists finally figured out the secret.

It turns out that there are a large number of suffocating poisonous gases in the whole valley. These gases are highly toxic volatile cyanide, a highly toxic gas, which acts simultaneously with carbonated gas and hydrogen sulfide. As long as people and animals inhale a little bit of the gas, they will die immediately. As a result, the valley is also known as "poison gas Valley". The valley of human death in the United States

The valley of human death in the United States

In addition to the "Death Valley" of the Soviet Union, there is also a world-famous "Death Valley" in the distant United States. In the green lotus area of California and Nevada, there is a valley with the smell of death.

The climate in this valley is extremely hot and dry, and steep cliffs stand on both sides of the valley. In 1848, a group of immigrants stumbled into the valley. They lost their way in the valley. At last, they were all killed in the valley. Even the body disappeared.

In 1949, an American exploration team ventured into the valley of death, almost all of them died. Several of them got away with it, but they died soon after. Later, many people went to explore and died many times.

What is most incomprehensible is that this place, which seems to be ruled by the God of death, is the 'paradise' of animals and birds. Birds flying in the sky, animals crawling on the ground, as well as a variety of insects and herbs in large quantities can be seen here.

Why does this' valley of death 'threaten human life without harming animals and plants? According to scientists' investigation, the valley of death has experienced many geological changes, and there are many faults and rifts hidden in the valley. It is thus speculated that it is most likely that some people fell into the fault after losing their way, so they will be strangely missing.

In addition, it is also detected that there are many minerals such as halogen ore, borax ore buried in the 'death valley'. Therefore, some scholars think that there may be some highly toxic mineral elements hidden in the valley, which will be poisoned and die when people get close to the mineral.

The death valley of California

The death valley in California

In the southeast of California, there is also a world-famous' death valley '. The valley of death has almost no rain all year round. It has a record that the temperature has exceeded 40 ℃ for more than six consecutive weeks. The average annual rainfall of 46.768 mm is only a little more than that of the Sahara desert. Every time when it rains cats and dogs, the hot places will wash mud. There is also the 'dead fire pass'.

The reputation of death valley was not publicized until 150 years ago. In the winter of 1849, a team of gold diggers crossed the valley by copying a shortcut to Jinshan. Because of the bad weather here, there were many white bones in the boundless yellow sand. A small number of people who have successfully crossed the valley said "good death valley" when they left here, which is the name of death valley.

There is a strange phenomenon in an area of death valley in California: the huge stones move slowly, leaving a long track on the dried up lake bed. This strange phenomenon has puzzled scientists for decades, but up to now, no one has been able to witness the actual movement of stones, and no one has been able to give a satisfactory and reasonable explanation.

This peculiar desert area is called racetrack playa, which is a dry lake bed. The clay of the lake bed has cracked into numerous small pieces. The lake bed is about 4.5km long, 2km wide and surprisingly flat. On this lake bed, the moving boulders left a trail. Although no one can see the actual movement of stones, they must be moving, because their positions and tracks have been changing over time. Animal death valley in Italy

Animal death valley in Italy

The "Death Valley" in the United States is only a threat to human beings, so it is also known as the "Death Valley". It is very interesting that the two death valleys near Naples and lake vavilno in Italy are exactly the opposite of the "Human Death Valley" in the United States. Here, human life will not be threatened, but animals and birds can not survive here.

According to the statistics of scientists, there are more than 3600 animals die in these two places every year. As a result, it is also called 'the graveyard of animals' by Italians. As for the cause of this situation, it is still unknown.

The death hole in Java, Indonesia

The 'death hole' in Java, Indonesia

In addition to the above three 'death valley', in Java, Indonesia