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Malaysia Airlines has been in denial, evolved into an admission of delay in announcing the plane's t

The Malaysian side has always denied it, and has recently admitted it. 1. Malaysia's latest statement: it acknowledged the delay in announcing the plane's turn back. The reason is: the need and coordination with the military led to a communication meeting between the Malaysian high-level delegation and their families at 3:00 p.m. yesterday. At the communication meeting, the Malaysian side admitted that there was a delay from the plane's disappearance to the announcement of the prime minister's reentry.

"The delay is due to the need to go through some process of investigation and to coordinate with the military whether certain sensitive information can be released. Ma said that the most important thing at present is to find the plane and find the black box. Only by finding the black box can we know what happened in the cabin. 2. Some family members asked whether there was a satellite phone on the mh370 plane and whether the ground used satellite phone to contact the aircraft. Ahmad Nizar, flight director of the civil aviation authority of Malaysia, said "no".

However, the vice president of Malaysia Airlines in charge of business later admitted that Malaysia Airlines command center had tried to call mh370 via satellite phone twice, but no response was received.

Malaysia Airlines has been denying the evolution of the international response after recognition

Interpol criticizes Malaysia for shirking responsibility

According to Xinhua News Agency news: after Malaysia Airlines flight mh370 lost contact on August 8, an investigation showed that the two people used other people's passports to board the plane. Interpol said: 'if Malaysia used the Interpol database, the two passengers could be found using someone else's passport almost instantaneously'.

However, Malaysian Interior Minister Ahmed Zahid Hamidi argued on the 26th that it would take too much time to verify the passport information of entry-exit personnel by using the 'stolen passport database' of Interpol, which will slow down the operation of the airport.

The International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) responded on the 28th that it only takes a few seconds to determine whether a passport has been reported missing. The latest test shows that 0.2 seconds'.

The agency criticized that the Malaysian government should not 'mistakenly blame the technical reasons or the Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) & hellip;. The Malaysian immigration bureau should not be held responsible for this mistake.

Malaysia Airlines claimed that the concealment of return information did not affect search and rescue

As to why the Malaysian side had previously concealed the aircraft's turn back, lieutenant general ackbal said: 'the announcement of the turnaround was delayed, and I admit that.

"The reason for this, he said, is that it takes time to collate data with neighboring countries and the government considers publishing information related to national security. At the same time, he stressed again," although sensitive information was not given to the public in time, the search and rescue was launched as soon as possible and was not affected. "As for the centralized analysis of Doppler, radar and ACARS data, the high-level technical team is also not qualified to carry out, and will assist in arranging further contact between experts and relevant families in Kuala Lumpur.

Members of the delegation also introduced that the Boeing 777 aircraft has four emergency positioning transmitters, which can send out distress signals in the event of collision or flooding, and send them through radio, so that ships and aircraft in a certain area can receive signals. However, so far, many aircraft and ships have not received any signals, which is what investigators are eager to know at present.

Later, the representative of the family asked again: "since we have not received the distress signal from mh370 and there is no other evidence, is it too early to say that the plane crashed? Lt. Gen. ackbal of the Malaysian side agreed. Let's see what angry netizens say:

1. Malaysia is squeezing toothpaste every time. Finally, it knows why it is unwilling for the FBI to intervene and why it has to deceive Vietnam to look for it blindly. What AirAsia CEO Weibo said is true. At first, the plane was negotiating with the captain, but later it didn't negotiate with the Malaysian government. Delay those days, pretend to be to destroy the evidence! Has been deceiving the world, delay saving people!

2. Ma Zheng is the rhythm of the war of procrastination!!!

Although mh370 may always be a mystery, two things are certain and certain

1. People can accept the cruel facts, but can not tolerate the concealment and delay of the Malaysian government

2. More and more people will remove Malaysia from their travel lists because of the Malay government's confusion, which has led to a sharp decline in its credibility.