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The latest news of Malaysia Airlines plane's disappearance breaks ice again

On March 29, according to, the latest news of Malaysia Airlines' plane's disappearance finally broke the ice again. At a news conference on March 29, Malaysia's minister of transport said: "he hopes that someone will survive, but this possibility is not very likely. "The latest news of the missing Malaysia Airlines plane means that the possibility of survivors on the plane is increasing.

Malaysia's press conference on the 29th did not let the people of the world live any longer. On the scene of the news conference of the Malaysian government, the Malaysian Minister of transport disclosed the latest news of the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines plane, saying that he had the hope of survival, but the possibility was very small. At the same time, the Malaysian side also promised to do its best to help the families of the passengers on the missing plane to make every effort to search for and rescue the lost Malaysia Airlines plane.

At the same time, I hope that the news of the missing plane of Malaysia Airlines is the latest news to the missing passengers of Malaysia Airlines.