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Malaysia's ambassador to China said: Malaysia Airlines lost the plane is "end" disappeared, not cras

At the Malaysian press conference on March 24, we played a word game again. An 'end' gave the Malaysian ambassador to China enough room to play 'Taijiquan' with the families of the lost Malaysia Airlines plane. The lost plane did not crash, it disappeared.

Malaysia's press conference on the 24th aroused strong dissatisfaction among the Chinese people and the families of the missing passengers on the plane. Relying on the report of the British Aviation Accident Investigation Bureau, it is defined that the lost Malaysia Airlines plane has crashed and has not survived.

On March 25, the families of the passengers who were dissatisfied with the missing plane went to the Malaysian Embassy in China to ask for a statement. The Malaysian ambassador to China, Huang Huikang, stressed that 'end' did not mean a crash, but that the lost plane disappeared from the route 2000 km southwest of Perth.

At the same time, the strong point is that all information about the missing plane and missing passengers of Malaysia Airlines should be subject to the release of Prime Minister Najib of Malaysia. The news released by Malaysia Airlines is irresponsible. Now, the elder brother's search and rescue country has started the search and rescue work with the center of 2000 kilometers southwest of Perth.