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The wreckage of the 24 meter Malaysia Airlines plane is a real hijacking, and this incident is "oper

Recently, the news about the wreckage found in the Australian waters still makes the public confused about the whole incident. If the hijacking of the plane is established, the plane is likely to have fallen in the sea area, and this is a terrorist operation "lone wolf", the purpose of which is to extend the search and rescue time as much as possible!

according to satellite photos, there are large and small pieces of debris, up to 24 meters, in the sea area 2300km southwest of Perth, Australia. The U.S. side also said that the radar suspected to have found 'large-scale' objects in the relevant sea areas. Are these objects aircraft remains? It will take three days to test the answer.

What is operation lone wolf?

It's going away from the original route until the plane crashes. The farther you fly, the better. The longer the search and rescue team takes, the better. Its purpose is to challenge human intelligence and search and rescue capabilities.