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Malaysia Airlines on March 19, the latest news: Maldives residents said they had seen a flight over

Today is the 12th day after Malaysia Airlines lost contact, and its whereabouts are still unknown. According to Maldives residents, on the day of the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines, we saw a huge low altitude flight. I wonder if this plane is the long missing Malay Airlines plane? To the Maldives island of Adu, will the plane land there?

according to foreign media on the 18th, a resident of the remote island of kudahuadu in Maldives said that he had seen 'a huge low altitude flight' flying over the island in the morning of the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight mh370. The Maldives news website haveeru reported online that Maldivian police had launched an investigation into the incident.

They claim to have seen the white flight with red stripes, consistent with the appearance of Malaysia Airlines flights. Local residents also said that the plane was flying from the north to the southeast towards the south of the Maldives island of Adu, making a huge noise as it passed at a low altitude. "It was so low that you can see the door of the cabin clearly, which is different from the aircraft you saw before.".