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Malaysian plane missing latest news: Horse wizard searches for lost plane like clown for the third t

It has been 11 days since the plane disappeared in Malaysia. However, the wizard who searched for the lost plane of Malaysia Airlines by witchcraft still let the farce go on. The third casting of magic can be described as a clown's sensationalism to an extreme. Is it useful for the wizard to look for the lost Malaysia Airlines plane? Let's have a look.

According to on March 18, the wizard named Wang Ibrahim cast a spell twice at Malaysia's Kuala Lumpur Airport to search for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane and missing passengers, but failed.

However, the Malaysian wizard who was looking for the lost plane did not give up. Instead, he went to Anshun inclined tower square. Although he did not inform the media, the crowd still photographed the farce of the wizard looking for the lost plane and missing passengers three times.

The wizard looking for the lost plane used wooden chopsticks as a prop to act as a telescope. The chopsticks head pointed to the tower peak of Anshun inclined tower. It seems that through the tower peak, the whereabouts of the lost Malaysia Airlines plane and the location of the missing passengers can be found.