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New evidence of hijacking of Malaysia Airlines lost flight mh370: floating luggage found in Malacca

The latest evidence of suspected hijacking of Malaysia Airlines' mh370 plane by terrorists has surfaced. The captain is a political extremist. A flight simulator was found at home, and the private computer disappeared. Meanwhile, according to Greek media reports, floating luggage was found near the Strait of Malacca, and the luggage of the missing passenger on the plane was suspected.

Although the lost Malaysia Airlines plane was hijacked, the latest evidence suggests that it may still be at sea.

Greek media reported an unconfirmed news that the Greek oil tanker found luggage floating on the sea near the Strait of Malacca, which was also the luggage of the missing passengers on the Malaysia Airlines lost contact plane. At the same time, the oil tanker chief said that the ship had gone to investigate.

Why to call the captain chaharia & middle dot; Shah as a political activist, and new evidence of the hijacking of the missing Malaysia Airlines plane mh370.

On March 7, Malaysian opposition leader Anwar & middot; Ibrahim was convicted of sexual assault and sentenced to five years in prison, Xinhua reported. Malaysian officials speculate that the incident depressed the pilot in chief chaharia & middot; Shah. Let out air by mh370 lost aircraft.

At the same time, the flight simulator was found in one of the two computers by searching the missing captain's home. The data in the simulator have been taken to the relevant departments of Malaysia for analysis.

At present, experts agree that it is hijacking, but there are still disputes over whether it is hijacked at sea or on land. However, according to the latest evidence on Malaysia Airlines' mh370 lost aircraft, the probability at sea is very high.