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Whether Malaysia Airlines plane has been hijacked or not? Malaysian officials run counter to civil a

Whether the plane of Malaysia Airlines has been hijacked is still in a state of confusion. On the one hand, the news that the Malay government has confirmed that the plane has been hijacked, but the motive of the hijackers is not clear. On the other hand, Malaysia Airlines denies the news of being hijacked. Why do the two sides hold one word? Has the plane been hijacked?

Malaysian officials say hijacking is a conclusion rather than a theory

According to the associated press, British Sky television and other foreign media reported on the 15th, a Malaysian government official said that investigators have come to the conclusion that a pilot or some other person with flight knowledge hijacked the lost Malaysia Airlines flight 370 plane.

The official involved in the investigation, who asked not to be named, said the motive for the hijacking has not been determined, nor the exact location of the hijacking.

Hijacking is no longer a theory, 'but a conclusion,' the official said. Attitude of Malaysia Civil Aviation Administration: insisting on not being hijacked

Malaysia's civil aviation authority chief Azi harrudin denied reports that the plane had been hijacked, saying it was just one of several possibilities they were considering. He said: 'I'm leading the investigation, and no one said (confirmed hijacking) & hellip; we're investigating every passenger and crew member, but there's no definitive evidence of the hijacking. 'has Malaysia Airlines been hijacked? Who can give a clear answer?