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The United States is the region where Malaysia Airlines lost its plane in the last place. Terrorist

According to CCTV news, 13 Malaysia Airlines responded to the "phone call incident" of the lost plane at the press conference, saying that it located the mobile phone signal in the United States by tracking the signal of the phone call. However, it was strange that no call record was found in the phone directory, and the suspicion of terrorist hijacking could not be denied.

At the regular press conference of Malaysia Airlines on the 13th, President Hugh of Malaysia Airlines said that through tracking the mobile phone signals connected on the lost aircraft, we found that the location of the mobile phone signal was in the United States. However, the person in charge of the lost aircraft claimed that it was possible to connect the mobile phone company's server instead of the lost mobile phone.

The principle of science popularization international long distance telephone connection

As for Malaysia Airlines' conjecture that the "lost aircraft mobile phone connection incident" is suspected to be just a connection to the server. Today, let's talk about the working rules of mobile phone international calls. Generally, international long-distance telephone signals are transmitted to the signal tower in the form of audio signals, that is, the intermediate transfer station. Then, the transfer station converts the audio signal into digital information, and then publishes it to the communication satellite And then it is released to the transfer station again, converted into a voice message and sent to the receiver's mobile phone. However, satellite signals are not stable and are easily affected by the weather, so many international long-distance calls are still transmitted by optical cable.

Therefore, it seems that the signal source of the missing mobile phone on the lost plane of Malaysia Airlines may only link to the successful server, and then the busy tone will show the connection. However, such things are rare. Therefore, the Malaysia Airlines side said that the "lost aircraft mobile phone connection incident" is still under further investigation, and the possibility of terrorist hijacking still exists.