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False news of Malaysia Airlines' lost plane: witness to the wreckage of the plane is actually sea ga

Malaysia Airlines lost the plane has now disappeared for the sixth day, although China, Vietnam, Malaysia and the United States are busy searching and rescuing work, but so far there is still no harvest. As for the previous report that someone witnessed the plane crash, it is actually a spark generated by sea garbage! This news has been confirmed!

according to Malaysia's Xingzhou daily on March 13, an oil rig worker claimed that he witnessed a sparking aircraft falling into the sea while working in Vietnam waters, but it was later confirmed that it was caused by garbage on the sea.

Fan guixiao, Vice Minister of transport of Vietnam, confirmed that he had received a letter from Mike McKay. They also sent search and rescue teams to the coordinates provided by Mike McKay. Fan guixiao said that the location of the fire object, 300 kilometers southeast of the port of Vung Tau, was the sea area where a large number of unidentified objects were found, but it was later confirmed as sea garbage. In these six days, many websites reprinted a large number of false news about the lost plane. From the plane falling into the sea to the bandits' hijacking, and even the disintegration in the air, all we can do now is to wait patiently and have good faith, which will give us different inner comfort. Mh370, hope to return soon!