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What can malaysia airlines do in addition to search and rescue on the fourth day of its loss of cont

As of today, it is the fourth day of the loss of Malaysia Airlines. People's anxiety has turned into intense and orderly search and rescue work. However, for all people, they know that the possibility of survival is very small, but they still can't give up a glimmer of hope. In addition to the search and rescue work, there are many things that need to be paid attention to, such as the emotional comfort of family members and the compensation for the aftermath It's a question of no detour!

families of 12 lost passengers arrive in Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia Airlines said it would do its best to ensure the needs of the families

At 17:55 yesterday, at Guodu hotel near the capital airport, Wang Mingcai, member of the senior management committee of Malaysia Airlines, and others held the second media conference of the day to report the latest search and rescue situation and the placement of family members.

Families of the lost passengers refuse to receive consolation money

Yesterday, Malaysia Airlines released a special consolation payment receipt that family members need to fill in. The receipt states that "this sum of money is used to meet the emergency fund needs arising from the flight of mh370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing during the flight on March 8, 2014.". Many family members think that the consolation money provided by Malaysia Airlines is not just spiritual consolation as mentioned before, so they refuse to receive it.

The relevant person in charge of Malaysia Airlines said that the reason why the family members did not receive it was not that they questioned the amount, but that they had questions about some details on the receipt. Malaysia Airlines had written down the questions and would give feedback to the family members the next morning.

Each family member should be provided with a pacifier

Wang Mingcai said that up to now, a total of 12 family members have arrived in Kuala Lumpur, and Malaysia Airlines has arranged designated comfort personnel for each family member. In the early morning, the family members were sent to the capital airport by a specially assigned person. After arriving in Kuala Lumpur, there were also special personnel to take care of them.

Wang Mingcai said that a total of 31000 yuan will be paid to the relatives of each passenger. It is used to solve the emergency and comfort of insufficient funds brought by relatives.

However, the relevant person in charge of Malaysia Airlines said that the decision to pay the consolation money was shelved due to the doubts of the family members. Whether or not to pay and the amount of money should be explained to the family members today.

In addition, Malaysia Airlines announced through its website yesterday that it would do its best to protect the basic needs of the families and provide psychological and spiritual assistance. Malaysia Airlines reiterated that it will maintain transparency to the public through the media on all issues related to the loss of mh370. Therefore, in addition to the search and rescue work of Malaysia Airlines, we must be careful and patient with the emotional comfort of their family members. We should not let the news of the accident of their relatives destroy their last straw again!