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Malaysia Airlines plane still lost contact for 100 hours latest news: Malaysian military denied miss

Malaysia Airlines plane has been lost for more than 100 hours, and the whereabouts of the missing passengers are still unclear. According to CNN, March 11, the Malaysian side said it had detected the lost plane returning to Malaysia via Malacca sea area. However, the Malaysian military said that it had never heard of the return of the lost Malaysia Airlines plane to Kuala Lumpur and further verification was needed.

Meanwhile, according to NBC, the Malaysian military has released photos of two missing passengers who boarded Malaysia Airlines' lost contact plane with false passports. The military said that the two missing men were Iranians. According to the existing situation, the military said that the missing men on the two lost planes may not have anything to do with the terrorist attacks, and the purpose is to immigrate to Germany.

By the end of 100 hours after the flight of Malaysia Airlines was still lost, these two most powerful clues were basically denied one by one. The hope of searching for and rescuing the missing passengers on the lost plane of Malaysia Airlines is increasingly dim. I wish the missing passengers on the lost plane of Malaysia Airlines return safely on the fifth day.