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The latest news on the fourth day of missing Malaysia Airlines plane: is it like Air France 447 to f

According to CNN, as of the afternoon of March 11, the missing passengers and wreckage of the Malaysia Airlines lost plane have not been found. According to a statement issued by Malaysia Airlines, relevant departments have searched the southeast coast of Malaysia and southwest Vietnam, but no missing passengers and missing passengers have been found. Is it really necessary to find the first piece of wreckage in the fifth day like Air France 447?

Malaysia Airlines has been searching for missing passengers and missing planes for the fourth day. They searched the west coast of the Malaysian Peninsula, in the Strait of Malacca, north to the Andaman Sea. Malaysia Airlines issued a statement on Tuesday, speculating that the lost plane may try to make a U-turn to fly back to Kuala Lumpur Airport via South Vietnam airspace.

Review of Air France 447

According to CNN related reports, Malaysia Airlines lost its plane and missing passengers. We can refer to the Air France 447 crash. In 2009, it took five days to find the first piece of lost aircraft wreckage in the Atlantic Ocean, and it took experts two years to collect all the wreckage and missing passengers in the deep sea.

In any case, there is still no new breakthrough in Malaysia Airlines' missing passengers and planes. The whereabouts of the lost aircraft is still a mystery to be solved. The search and rescue work is still in progress. What we can do is to pray for the missing passengers and missing persons.