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Malaysia Airlines lost the plane 72 hours, Air France spent two years searching for missing passenge

Malaysia Airlines' mh370 plane has been lost for 72 hours. Now, there are few clues to search and rescue the plane, and the whereabouts of the missing passengers are complicated. In the past history, has such a long lost plane incident happened? Air France took two years to find the lost aircraft wreckage.

It took up to two years to find the lost plane and the missing passenger.

In fact, a flight of Air France was similar to that of Malaysia Airlines. In 2009, on the way from Brazil to France, an Air France plane lost contact with its headquarters. The missing passengers were missing. At that time, the pilot did not send any emergency calls.

Two years later, it was discovered that the lost plane crashed over the Atlantic Ocean, and all the wreckage was found, killing all 228 passengers on board.

It can be seen from this that it is so difficult to search for Malaysia Airlines' lost plane. I hope God bless the missing passengers of Malaysia Airlines to return safely and reunite with their families as soon as possible.