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The captain of the airline predicts that the lost plane is likely to be a terrorist hijacking

So far, some of the wreckage found in Vietnam has been proved to be unrelated to the Malaysia plane crash, but the possibility of being hijacked by terror is uncertain. So far, the search and rescue work has been carried out for two days, but there is still little harvest, even with the most advanced instruments The equipment can't do anything. Do you know why?

According to the latest news, Malaysia's mh370 crashed in a mountainous area 100km north of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Local people mistook it as a meteorite when it rained and it was early in the middle of the night. At present, the search and rescue work has been carried out. Due to the terrain and weather, the search and rescue work is difficult. It is preliminarily estimated that no one has survived.

Prediction of an airline's international line captain for Malaysia's plane crash: it is likely to be hijacked by terrorists

China News Weekly: Malaysia Airlines 370 has been missing for dozens of hours, and its whereabouts are still unknown, and the cause of the accident is not clear. Do you think its disappearance was caused by mechanical accident caused by weather or other reasons? Many people speculated that it might be a terrorist attack. Which one do you think is most likely?

A: many of my colleagues and I find this strange. From my driving experience, I think it is most likely to be attacked by terrorist bombings.

Huawen weekly: why? Why not mechanical accidents and weather?

A: judging from the weather data on the day of the accident of Malaysia Airlines flight 370, there was no extreme weather in the region at that time. 370 is an advanced type of 777 aircraft. Any mechanical failure of the aircraft can be immediately notified to the crew by the system, and the crew can also handle the fault according to the system report and inform the ground terminal at the same time. The flight crew of Malaysia Airlines 370 did not issue any report, and the plane disappeared, indicating that it is likely to encounter an extremely serious' collapse 'problem in an instant, which makes them have no time or ability to handle and report. It is very difficult for such advanced aircraft parts and systems to "crash" instantaneously due to mechanical failure. I've been flying for more than 20 years and 18000 hours, and I think that only when the aircraft's operating surface and cabin are damaged in an instant will we lose the ability to 'handle and notify', such as rapid fragmentation, disintegration and falling. In this case, there will be huge air pressure difference, loss of oxygen and overweight, which will make the pilot unable to move at all. No matter how experienced the pilot is, we can hardly do anything at this time.

Huawen weekly: do you mean that for 777 aircraft, will the crew be informed of any mechanical failure? Can the crew have time to deal with it? Can the crew send out signals?

A: Malaysia Airlines 370 is an advanced aircraft of model 777. Any mechanical failure will be alerted by an electronic check list to the crew for disposal. There is almost no mechanical failure and there is no system to inform the crew. The plane is a dual engine system, it disappeared at 35000 feet, and even if all the power of the aircraft was lost, the plane could glide down more than 300 kilometers, and the crew had enough time to send out emergency calls. Therefore, there are almost two situations in which pilots do not send out any reports. One is that "extreme conditions" I call them, such as instant disintegration, falling, loss of oxygen, loss of pressure and overweight, which make pilots unable to deal with them. This result can hardly be caused by mechanical accidents, and only external causes are left, such as bomb explosion, impact of orbital flying objects and even missile attack; Another possibility is even more extreme, that is, the pilot's own deliberate operation.

China News Weekly: pilot's intentional operation?

A: This is only a theoretical possibility. If the pilot is a terrorist, he will turn off all contacts and allow or accelerate the plane to crash. The investigation of the accident will check everything, including the pilot's intention or negligence, and eliminate all the impossible conditions, and the rest is the actual situation.

China News Weekly: if it is a terrorist bombing attack, will it be a time bomb in luggage? Is the bomb likely to be large when the terrorist hands and feet set the plane on the ground?

A: first of all, according to the current boarding rules, people and luggage can't be separated. The luggage of those who have not boarded the plane must get off the plane. There will be no one who is not with the luggage. But if people are there, it's a suicide attack, and what kind of luggage gets on the plane is a matter of airport security. The scale of security inspection varies from country to country. Today's terrorists also have high technology. There is a possibility that plastic and chemical bombs can cheat low-level security. The Lockerbie crash was the time bomb in the luggage that exploded in the air. It is very unlikely that the plane will be tampered with on the ground. When we receive the plane, the procedures are very strict. We need to check the plane before signing. There are very detailed procedures for the handover with the maintenance department. The ordinary people can't touch our plane, let alone enter or leave. It's not possible to tamper with the plane at the airport.

China News Weekly: even if terrorists can carry small bombs with them, can they blow up such a large plane in an instant and cause pilots to be unable to respond?

A: the high-tech plastic bomb itself is more powerful than before. If it happens that the bomb blows up the aircraft's operating surface, there may be such a situation, because the aircraft is at high altitude, and the explosion results are terrible. If the terrorists are not alone, it is possible to adjust the explosion time of several bombs at the same time, the result will be even more terrible. If it is a bomb in luggage, it will be in the cargo hold and it is very difficult to blow up the operation surface of the aircraft at once, but they may break up the aircraft locally and explode the fuel. These are all possible conjectures. What is the situation? There are many complicated reasons for various flight accidents, and there are many that have not been found so far. Two reasons to find the black box.

China News Weekly: there are two black boxes? Is it entirely up to them to find the wrecked plane?

A: Yes, there are two black boxes. One is the black box for recording all flight data information, and the other is cockpit recorder, which records all conversations between the crew and the terminal commander and controller. It does not record flight information, but both black boxes can transmit signals to facilitate searching. In addition to the black box, there is also an ELT device on the aircraft, which is called emergency location transmitter. It will start the function after an emergency, such as when the aircraft touches the ground or falls into the sea and is immersed in sea water, it will automatically start to send signals.

China News Weekly: I heard that the black box can send signals thousands of meters under the water. I also heard that the sea water there is not so deep. Now I know that there is an ELT. So many professional search ships and military search teams are in, and the US anti submarine aircraft are all there. Can't we receive the signals from the two boxes and ELT?

A: This is a big doubt. If Malaysia Airlines 370 had an accident at the last place on the radar display, it would not be too difficult to find the two black boxes. Moreover, their design principle is that they should not be damaged and waterproof. In theory, they will not fail due to falling and sinking into the sea floor. They can transmit signals for months. The surrounding countries are looking now, and I believe they will be found. The ocean situation of the Air France accident was much more complicated than this one, and it was found in the end. There are many reasons why we can't find it for the time being. It is very likely that the Malaysia Airlines 370 fell to other places. I saw that the media said that the record showed that the Malaysia Airlines 370 seemed to turn around. If it flew away, because it was very fast, it would fly far away in a short time, which would cause the search range to become very large.

China News Weekly: since the two black boxes are designed so solidly, why haven't we found their signals? Including the ELT device, since it can transmit signals on the water, the satellites over the sea area should be visible. Our mobile phone navigation can be positioned. Why can't we find this ELT?

A: first of all, it is very likely that the location where Malaysia Airlines 370 disappeared from the radar is not the place where it was crashed. This range will be very large. Although the search forces of many countries are looking for it, the search scope for the vast sea is still small. Secondly, what the ELT sends is not the GPS signal, but the fixed frequency signal for easy search. The GPS on the plane is connected to the circuit of the aircraft. If the plane explodes and disintegrates, the GPS will not exist.