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Malaysian plane still lost contact for 48 hours?

A plane in Malaysia is still missing for 48 hours. Latest news: Malaysia's lost plane has been missing for 48 hours. You must wonder why it is so difficult to search for missing passengers. Although seven countries have started joint search and rescue, the whereabouts of the lost plane are still uncertain. NASA is not optimistic about finding the missing plane and missing passengers.

In order to find out the search and rescue difficulties of the missing plane in Malaysia, we must first know the means to search and rescue the missing passengers.

The main means are radar monitoring, voice communication, and air ground data link of satellite communication technology, but all of these three sensing means are invalid, so it is very difficult to find the lost aircraft.

It is preliminarily judged that the lost aircraft is at sea

Judging from the existing situation, the ground did not find the wreckage of the lost Malaysian aircraft. It is preliminarily judged that the aircraft may be in the sea area.

The search and rescue of the lost aircraft and missing passengers has been slow due to the harsh environment.

Wang Xiaopeng, an expert on coastal issues at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that according to official information, the suspected sea area belongs to the waters of the Gulf of Thailand, which is a typical tropical sea area with high winds and strong waves, and there is a tropical circulation under the water, which is very unfavorable for search and rescue.

Therefore, the search and rescue work for the missing plane in Malaysia is not as simple as you think. If it is speculated that the plane where more than 200 missing passengers are located has fallen into the sea, the search and rescue work will be very difficult. However, we still wish the passengers who are missing on the plane in Malaysia.