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Malaysia's lost aircraft may disintegrate in the air, too late to send a distress signal

It has been more than 54 hours since the plane lost contact in Malaysia. However, although many personnel have been dispatched, the wreckage of the plane has not been found, so it still deeply affects people's hearts. So, does the possibility of the plane disintegrate in the air? Because before the crash, there was no call for help!

according to CCTV news agency, a member of the Malaysian plane missing investigation team said that the preliminary investigation showed that the possibility of Malaysia's missing aircraft disintegrating in the air increased. No remains have been found that can be fully confirmed. It is likely that the plane disintegrated in the air at a height of 10000 meters. If the plane crashes into the water intact, the wreckage will be very concentrated '.

Loss of contact

Since Malaysia Airlines flight mh370 lost contact with the ground in the early morning of the 8th, a variety of questions and speculations about the status and search of the airliner have been seen in the media.

What about the distress signal?

One of the focuses of the loss of contact of the Malaysia Airlines passenger plane is that the ground personnel have never received a distress signal from the passenger aircraft, indicating that the aircraft disintegrated in the air rather than mechanical failure.

An aviation expert told Xinhua that at this stage, when the vast majority of airliners fail, the crew can give feedback to the ground personnel, but it can not be used as a basis to conclude that there is no mechanical fault on the Malaysia Airlines airliner.

The expert, who asked not to be named, said that in a few cases, the crew may not have the time to send out a distress signal, or under the guidance of the wrong parameters, they did not detect the problem of the aircraft. Especially when flying on the sea at night, the pilot has almost no visual reference, and even can not distinguish the sky and the ground, so they can judge the flight status completely by instrument data. If the instrument indication is wrong, it is difficult for the pilot to make a correct judgment on the aircraft attitude.

According to the aviation expert, once the flight guidance system fails, when the pilot detects the problem of the aircraft, it is often too late to send out a distress signal.

So hard to search?

As of the evening of the 9th Beijing time, planes and ships from many countries have been searching the sea area where the passenger plane was lost, but it has not been confirmed that the objects belonging to the lost flight have been recovered.

Aviation experts pointed out that if the airliner disintegrates in the air, large areas of floating objects are likely to appear on the sea surface, which is relatively beneficial to the search work. On the other hand, if the airliner touches the sea as a whole in the 'non command' state, it is more likely that the aircraft will sink after disintegration rather than float in a large area, causing difficulties in searching. According to Xinhua news agency