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Malaysia has not confirmed that there are passengers with fake passports among those missing after t

According to Austrian officials on March 8, after the Malaysian plane crashed in Vietnam, there were Austrian citizens on the list of missing persons, but the passenger's passport had been stolen two years ago and was suspected of holding a fake passport. But Malaysia's chief executive said: 'Malaysia has yet to prove the news'.

A review of the case of suspected missing Malaysian plane holders of fake passports

According to CNN on March 8, Austria's official website said that the passport of Austrian citizens who appeared in the missing persons list released by Malaysia Airlines had been stolen two years ago.

According to the Italian ansa news agency, the missing 37 year old Italian passenger Luigi maraldi on the mh370 lost plane has confirmed that he is not on the plane. The Italian man's passport was stolen in Thailand on August 1, 2013.

Therefore, according to the relevant reports on the two Malaysia plane crashes, it is speculated that there may be two passengers boarding with fake passports in the missing list of Malaysian plane crashes.

However, Malaysia Airlines said that the Malaysia plane crash missing list of suspected cases of boarding with false passport, has not yet proved these information.