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Mitsubishi sedan SUV launched all new crossover models in China at the end of the month

Original title: future domestic Mitsubishi sedan SUV will be launched in China at the end of this month comprehensive news Mitsubishi's new model eclipse cross will appear in Beijing auto show on April 25, and will be made domestically in GAC Mitsubishi.

A few days ago, it was learned from Mitsubishi officials that Mitsubishi's brand new eclipse cross will appear at the Beijing auto show, which will open on April 25. This compact SUV adopts the design style of sedan car. As a global strategic model, the new car will be made domestically in GAC Mitsubishi in the future.

&The front face of middot; Eclipse cross is similar to the model of outlander in production. The headlamp is connected with the fog lamp area through the chrome strip. The size of the fog lamp is relatively considerable, and the front face is more hierarchical. The rear end adopts the design of double spoilers, and the lower spoiler is composed of connecting the tail lamps on both sides;

&It extends downward from the back of the B-pillar to enhance the sense of movement of the vehicle. The size of the rear windshield does not shrink too much. The use of high ground clearance and black off-road protection kit is the standard SUV style;

&More emphasis on the three-dimensional sense of the interior, equipped with suspended liquid crystal display, the use of prominent central air outlet, the layout of the physical key area below it, the width of the auxiliary dashboard has increased, so that the new car's wrapping sense will be improved;

&Middot; equipped with 1.5L turbocharged direct injection power, matched with CVT transmission which can simulate eight gears, is equipped with a set of electronic control intelligent four-wheel drive system, which can accurately control the torque output of the rear axle by cooperating with the active yaw control system.

Editor's comments:

Mitsubishi will focus on SUV business for a long time in the future. The car business has been transferred to Southeast Mitsubishi and Taiwan Zhonghua Mitsubishi. In the plan released in 2015, Mitsubishi said that it will launch a new crossover model in 2017, which is just the one mentioned above.