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Toyota 2014 Highlander is expected to launch in 2015 with 2.0T turbocharged engine

Toyota's new 2014 model of Highlander has always been the focus of attention. Whether this shenche will continue to carry 2.7L engine or 2.0T turbocharged engine has become a hot topic. Today, we will use Toyota's series of models to speculate about Toyota's plan for domestic 2014 model of Highlander.

Toyota's flagship model, the new generation crown, has been officially released at Guangzhou Auto Show recently. The car not only adopts a new appearance design, but also carries a 2.0T powertrain, officially announcing the arrival of FAW Toyota's "2.0T era".

When asked whether the engine is only used in high-level models such as crowns, Mr. Jiang Jun, general manager of FAW Toyota, denied in an interview with Netcom: "this engine is not only used on the brand-new crowns. According to the author's conjecture, based on the current product lineup of FAW Toyota, three models including Ruizhi are expected to be carried in succession in the future.

Small displacement supercharged engine with the premise of not losing power, still maintain good fuel economy and effectively reduce costs and other advantages, has been adopted by many automobile manufacturers, and achieved good market response. Due to the reduction of emissions, the consumption tax rate of new cars will also be reduced by different ranges, which will directly affect the price adjustment of products.

Toyota, as the world's largest auto company, is testing the't 'power for the first time. Whether its products can achieve good market performance in the future is an expected result.

In the face of small displacement turbocharged engine is becoming the mainstream of the automotive market, Toyota officially released a new 2.0T turbocharged engine at last year's Tokyo auto show, which will be introduced into the domestic market. Recently, CNKI learned from Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission that GAC Toyota will put into production 2.0T turbocharged engines as early as this year, with an annual production capacity of 102000 units.