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SUV without t is not a good horse

Now entering the era of economic fuel, turbocharged vehicles are hot. Not only is the speed increased rapidly, but also the fuel consumption is considerable. Naturally, domestic SUV brands have joined the t-war. The competition of 100 000 class self-made brand turbocharged SUVs will be sent immediately, and Tianji horse racing will begin soon.

BYD price 7.89 ~ 10.79


As BYD's first SUV, S6 is positioned as a medium and high-end independent SUV, which was launched in September 2010. Its length, width and height are 4810 / 1855 / 1680 mm and 2720 mm respectively, which is second to none among SUVs of the same grade. 190mm minimum distance from the ground makes the vehicle have excellent trafficability. In the power part, the S6 has three displacement of 1.5T, 2.0L and 2.4L, which is divided into four styles: manual luxury, manual exclusive, automatic noble and automatic honor. It is equipped with byd483qb or Mitsubishi 4G69 engine. Byd483qb is an engine independently developed by BYD, which adopts Bosch EFI management system and bivt variable intake system. The appearance of BYD S6 is fashionable and dynamic with strong lines, showing the bold and unrestrained temperament of urban SUV.

The price of Havel H6 is 10.88 ~ 14.18

Harvard H6

On August 25, 2011, haver H6 of "positioning urban intelligent SUV" was ceremoniously listed in the new Tianjin factory of Great Wall Motors. At present, the price of this model is 180.8 thousand yuan, which can be divided into three types: gasoline and diesel.

Price of GAC motor CS5: 12.68 ~ 20.78

GAC motor GS5

GAC motor GS5 is a leading fashion urban SUV developed by GAC passenger cars on the high-performance chassis of European famous cars. It has fashionable and dynamic appearance, and has the comfort and safety of European models, surpassing the world quality of the same level. Trumpchi GS5 will be offline on March 1 and listed at Beijing auto show on April 23.

In terms of power, trumpchi GS5 is equipped with 2.0 ldcvvt and 1.8T engines. The 2.0 ldcvvt engine has abundant power and good fuel economy; the 1.8T engine has more powerful power, which can make trumpchi GS5 have the same explosive power as snow leopard.

Chang'an cs75 price 10.88 ~ 14.38

Chang'an cs75

Chang'an cs75 is between cs55 and cs95, and is positioned as a compact SUV. According to previous information, Chang'an cs75 is equipped with blue core series engines, which include 1.0T, 1.5T and 1.8T turbocharged engines. In terms of power, Chang'an cs75 will have two engines to choose from. The maximum power output of 2.0L naturally aspirated engine is 158 horsepower, and the maximum power output of 1.8L turbocharged engine is 177 horsepower, and the peak torque is 230n & middot; M. The 6-speed manual transmission is matched with the new 6-speed manual transmission.

The price of Ford wing is 9.48 ~ 12.78

Ford wing stroke

1. Equipped with the latest advanced powertrain systems, including Ford's latest and smallest displacement 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine, 1.5-liter Ti VCT engine and powershift 6-speed dual clutch automatic transmission. Bring the perfect balance of efficient fuel economy and strong power output:

2. The 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine with IB5 manual transmission has a maximum power of 92 kW / 6000 rpm and a peak torque of 170 nm. The fuel consumption under combined working conditions is 5.7 L / 100 km.

3. 1.5 l Ti VCT engine, which can output a maximum power of 81 kW / 6045 rpm and a peak torque of 140 nm; fuel consumption under comprehensive working conditions: manual gear is as low as 6.3 L / 100 km, and automatic gear is as low as 6.5 L / 100 km.

4. The advanced six speed powershift automatic transmission combines the efficiency of traditional manual transmissions, optimized gear ratios and response performance, as well as the smoothness and convenience of traditional automatic transmissions.

5. New wing Bo body structure and new design, its core is to achieve lower air resistance, lighter body weight and better fuel economy.

Buick encora price 13.29-17.69


On October 10, the Buick Encore of Shanghai General Motors was officially launched, with four new models, including urban aggressive, urban elite, urban leading and four-wheel drive all-round flagship. The Chinese name of this model is' encora '. This time, there are four models with 1.4T displacement. In addition to the urban aggressive type which adopts 6-speed manual transmission, the other three models all adopt 6-speed automatic manual transmission. Except top equipped models, the other three models are all front wheel drive. There are five colors to choose from: ruby red, mica grey, snow white, glacier silver and pearl black.