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Through Hangzhou local tyrants buying hundreds of cars for hoarding brands, the top 10 strange plots

Speculation in real estate, stocks and gold is not surprising. However, news broke out a few days ago. The news that Hangzhou local tyrants bought hundreds of vans and vans for the purpose of hoarding license plates attracted a large number of people. The restrictions on purchase made it a new social phenomenon to fry license plates. Today, we're going to take stock of the 10 odd plots of Chinese people for cars.

Eccentricity 1: follow the trend

The mainstream will always be those who are optimistic about it, those who run more on the road, who care about their relatives and friends, and who have a large local population. If it is the mainstream, it has to follow, if not, it is afraid to suffer losses; if it is the mainstream, it must follow, and if not, it is afraid of losing people.

Eccentricity 2: Habitual Violation

Running the red light, strong meeting, crossing the yellow line and running for the zebra crossing are all important. Be polite, avoid and be modest. Chinese people's goal dependence is displayed incisively and vividly on the wheel.

Quirk 3: it's not cheap to buy a car

China's car price is the most expensive in the world, the ratio of car maintenance cost to income is the highest in the world, and the tax is the highest in the world. There are 140000 kilometers of toll roads in the world, of which 100000 are in China. China's purchase tax, vehicle and vessel tax and value-added tax are several times that of the United States. Sinopec's 97% gasoline exported to the United States is only 4.72 yuan. For joint venture cars made in China by foreign manufacturers, the price will be increased and the parts will be reduced. The cars with low configuration will be sold at the price of original high configuration. Strangely enough, despite this, the Chinese people are still crazy about buying cars, and the more they increase the price, the more they queue up. The preferential purchase tax leads to a frenzy of buying cars, and the cancellation of the discount leads to a frenzy. Owners of different brands have a big war of words. In such a country, do you think it's magical?

Quirk 4: face saving

One of the performances is that within the budget, only the expensive and not the right ones, only the big ones and not the small ones, as long as the three compartment ones are not the second ones; the second is that everyone says that it is really good, and the ones who are satisfied with them do not have to choose; the third is that the back row space must be large, regardless of whether they sit or not; The fourth performance is that the configuration should be visible and tangible. For example, the air conditioner should be automatic, the screen should be large, the steering wheel should be multi-functional, the chrome strip should be more beneficial, and so on.

Quirky 5: ignoring human life

If you hit someone, you'll die. If you don't, you'll hit again. If you don't, you'll stab to death. There is insurance to lose money, there is an official father to fight a lawsuit, and there is an inside story about being caught drunk driving. In the final analysis, the root of all strange situations lies in "good face". As the book "Chinese temperament" written by Yang Ming Pu more than 100 years ago reveals, the basis of all Chinese temperament is "good face". Face is more expensive than money, power and life.

Quirk 6: ignoring safety

It took ten years for the entry-level model to go from no air bag to standard two air bag. I don't know how many years it will take from the standard two airbags to the standard six airbags. It took many years from no control configuration to standard ABS + EBD. I don't know how many years it will take for standard esp. Side door anti-collision beam, front and rear anti-collision beam, from scratch to have, from have to strong, do not know to use for many years.

Quirk 7: ignoring manipulation

Car consumption is like buying clothes. It's better to wear them on the outside. Underwear is sloppy. It doesn't matter if you wear the famous brand Ku cha. It's really impossible to go barefoot. Chassis and suspension are often ignored. Suspension is independent and not independent. It is not important to collapse butt and slant arm. It doesn't matter whether accelerating meat or not.

Eccentricity 8: aversion to domestic products

Duplicity, while suppressing x goods, denouncing X series, while fans greasy, add money to order cars. If you buy a Japanese one, you can buy a German one. If you buy an American one, you can buy a Korean one. If you don't have a lot of money, you can buy a Korean one. Even if you make a domestic one.

Quirky 9: cars and warehouses

It doesn't matter if you get a little cold, wind or rain. You can't get frozen, you can't get wind and rain, and you can't be wronged at all. The new house is available before the object is found; the garage is bought before the car is bought.

Quirk 10: private use of bus

Every year, 200 billion buses are consumed by leaders, drivers, leaders' families, and drivers' families. One bus can support several private cars, with no gas and no bleeding.

Through the social "strange phenomenon" of Hangzhou local tyrants buying hundreds of cars and minivans and frying license plates for hoarding license plates, we lament that the Chinese business mind is so brilliant, but we are also worried about the abnormal mentality of Chinese people about cars. No matter how wide the road is, no matter how Limited the purchase is, it can not be compared with starting from the original and making the people more generous.