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Recommended planning strategy of two self driving tour routes from hanlanda cross country to Tibet

After going through the climbing door, hannanda's cross-country ability has been questioned by many riders. They even said that he could not go to Tibet with it. Today, I recommend two self driving travel route planning strategies to Tibet for hannanda riders who like self driving tours. It has been proved that hannanda can also cross-country to Tibet.

Now there are four main routes to Tibet. They are the Sichuan Tibet highway, the Qinghai Tibet highway, the Yunnan Tibet highway and the new Tibet highway. The most popular routes are the Sichuan Tibet highway and the Qinghai Tibet highway. Today, we will focus on how to drive the two routes to Tibet.

Sichuan Tibet line

The Sichuan Tibet line is the most beautiful and dangerous of the four routes. Due to the great elevation difference, most of the roads are not asphalt roads, but small stone roads, so the risk factor is very high. In addition, there are often heavy snow on the way, big changes in the four seasons, more rain in summer, debris flow, bad environment, poor accommodation conditions and other factors trouble you. However, in this route, the magnificent scenery along the way is very attractive. Therefore, this route is recommended for deep Tourism enthusiasts or those who like exploration. For the owners of hanlanda, the opportunity of hanlanda is the opportunity The mechanical performance is really not suitable for taking this road to Tibet.

Qinghai Tibet line

The Qinghai Tibet line described below is the safest and best road among the four routes. It is the most suitable for the hanlanda city with good urban performance. However, although the road is under construction all the time, most of the roads are asphalt roads. At the same time, the accommodation and natural conditions are much better than that of the Sichuan Tibet highway, but the scenery along the way is slightly monotonous. Casually remind friends who come to Tibet that the highway should cross the Tanggula pass at an altitude of 5000. Therefore, you must adjust your body to the best condition before you go to prevent altitude reaction. This line is really suitable for the first time self driving tour to Tibet.

Well, these are the two cross-country routes to Tibet recommended by Xiaobian today. As urban SUVs, they can take the Qinghai Tibet line to Tibet. I wish you all a happy self driving journey in Tibet.