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BYD exposed S9 new energy SUV information after S7, completed 0 ~ 100 acceleration in 3.9 seconds

The previously exposed information parameters of the S7 new energy SUV have been very frightening. Now, the information parameters of BYD S9, which is one level higher than it, have also been exposed. Its 3.9 second acceleration performance and electric four-wheel drive system really startled us.

The size of the car is huge. The size of 5000 * 2000 * 1750 is comparable to that of a luxury SUV. At the same time, BYD S9 is equipped with one engine and five motors as the power system, one of which matches with the engine, and the remaining four are responsible for the four-wheel drive wheel, realizing the coexistence of hybrid four-wheel drive and electric four-wheel drive.

But at the same time, many netizens said that BYD S9, which obviously surpasses the exposure data of S7, has a body weight of 2.7 tons, but its acceleration performance is so amazing that it is doubtful that if this is the case, how can luxury SUVs with gasoline engines feel.