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GAC Honda's 2014 9-generation accord low configuration version has dropped out of 200000 price range

The launch of 2014 model of GAC Honda's 9-generation accord has made the old Accord system a little more popular. The car friends pointed out that this is the best model in accord series. GAC Honda is about to launch a low-level version of the 9-generation accord. Today, we'll find out how much the reduction is, which can fall out of the 200000 price range.

The displacement of the low configuration model is set at 2.0L, which is what we expected. The price is from 189800, which has fallen out of the 200000 price range. Meanwhile, GAC said that the car would try again and would not accept any booking.

As we all know, the 9-generation accord 2.0L model is equipped with constant speed cruise, dual zone independent air conditioning, multi-functional steering wheel, electric seat, 10-way adjustment, automatic headlight, etc. these functions will be castrated by the low-level version of the 9-generation accord. The basic configuration is the same as the 2013 accord 2.0L low configuration version.

At the same time, in terms of mechanical performance, there is no change in the 9-generation accord low configuration version, and its appearance is still chrome plating, which is very in line with the love of Chinese 'local tyrants'. This plan to lower the threshold will bring greater market for GAC Honda.