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How to get a taxi in one minute with iPhone 5S and didi taxi software

For some first tier cities or more developed second tier cities, the difficulty of taking a taxi has become difficult in China. In fact, as long as you have an iPhone 5S mobile phone and loaded with didi taxi software, you can solve the urgent problem within one minute and take a taxi. Today we'll learn how to use them to get to a taxi.

Didi taxi software has been launched in the app application center of iPhone 5S. You can download it there, or you can edit 'taxi' and send it to '12114' to download automatically. We won't talk about how to download it here.

How to use the didi taxi software in iPhone 5S

1. Complete the verification in the software with the mobile phone number.

2. The next interface provides two choices: booking and calling now. Choose an option according to your car situation.

3. The interface at this time is a voice input system, which sends car information to taxi drivers through voice input and positioning function.

4. After waiting about 60 seconds, the information and location of the taxi will be sent when the order is received.

5. After the final ride, you can evaluate it. This function can effectively prevent illegal taxis from infringing upon the rights and interests of taxi drivers.

This is how to use the iPhone 5S and didi taxi two magic tools to get a taxi in one minute. Is it very simple? In other words, parents who are still worried about taking a taxi should download it quickly.