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Kia 2013 new Sorento diesel version or gasoline version

Kia 2013 Sorento is a popular model for Northeast friends. Its good cost performance and the identity of imported car make many fans very cold about this car. However, many people are struggling with the diesel version and the gasoline version. Which version is more suitable for them?

Today, we choose the 2013 Kia Sorento 2.4gdi 5-seat gasoline premium jingv model and Sorento 2013 2.2t5 seat diesel luxury model for comparison, because the prices of the two models are basically the same, about 260000 yuan, with a difference of 2000 yuan. At the same time, they are two Sorento models with high heat.

In terms of configuration, appearance and interior decoration, we will not compare them one by one, because the two cars are exactly the same, but the gasoline version has more daytime running lights and steering wheel electric power assistance than the diesel version. So today, let's talk about whether the diesel engine is better or the gasoline engine is better.

From the data, it is not difficult to see that the 2.2t diesel version is 7 horsepower higher than the gasoline version in terms of horsepower. In terms of torque, the diesel version actually reaches an amazing figure of 436nm. In terms of power, the diesel version is indeed superior to the gasoline version in terms of acceleration and climbing.

At the same time, the mechanical characteristics of diesel engine with low turning and high torsion determine that its fuel saving performance is definitely better than that of gasoline model. The fuel consumption of 7.6 l per 100 km announced by the Ministry of industry and information technology also adds a lot to the diesel Sorento.

However, due to the problem of China's diesel oil, it also brings many problems to Sorento diesel version. Some netizens in automobile forum said that Sorento high-pressure oil pump is prone to problems, and some netizens reported that the engine suddenly stalled during driving.

Some experts pointed out that the cause of the problem of the high-pressure oil pump may be that the temperature is too low in winter, so the Sorento diesel version is not easy to ignite, resulting in poor oil supply. At this time, the diesel oil is easy to condense into wax, which causes great wear on the high-pressure oil pump.

However, some people are against it, pointing out that Sorento 2.2t diesel engine is equipped with instantaneous preheating system, which has excellent low temperature adaptability, so it should not cause diesel condensation and wax formation.

There is no final conclusion on who is right and who is wrong. However, if you regularly check the diesel engine and use diesel lubricant, you can still prevent the high-pressure oil pump failure of Kia Sorento diesel version. If you want to save your mind and the area is too cold, it is recommended to start with Kia 2013 new Sorento gasoline model.