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Member of BigBang, G-Dragon loves luxury cars, sun loves Lamborghini

As you have heard for a long time, G-Dragon, a member of BigBang, likes luxury cars. Bentley and Lamborghini are very different. Sun, a member of BigBang, is also a luxury car fan. His love for Lamborghini is as hot as his name.

Sun is the best dancer in BigBang, and really likes super sports cars. According to Han fan, sun likes Lamborghini as much as Quan Zhilong, and has shown his black Lamborghini in MV, but Sun says that he doesn't have time to drive it because of his busy work, so he puts it in the underground garage and sets a layer of dust.

Interestingly, Lamborghini has a model called Apollo sun god car, which is very close to the name of the sun. Equipped with a 4.2L twin turbo V8 engine, it can be completed in 3 seconds. There is only one left in the world. If the sun can buy it as a car, it's really tacit.

But members of BigBang also have different hobbies. In addition to Quan Zhilong and sun like luxury cars, top is very luxurious. According to his own statement in the variety show, because his mother works in real estate, he likes houses very much since childhood.