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Dubai's police car Bugatti was selected as the top 10 best models of the year

Dubai's local tyrants reappeared in February. Dubai police purchased another 27 million yuan luxury Bugatti Veyron as a police car. The fastest car in the world has gained momentum in recent days. It is also a good thing. It has been selected as the top 10 best looking models of the year.

Bugatti Veyron 16.4

At present, the world's fastest, most expensive, most powerful and very beautiful appearance of the contemporary car.

Ferrari Dino Dino is named in memory of Dino (Alfredo) Ferrari, the son of Enzo Ferrari. He suggested in the early 1960s that his father build a V6 engine to compete in formula 2. As a result, Dino died before the engine was finished. In order to commemorate his son, Enzo put the V6 engine in this car and named it dino. For many people, this car is still Ferrari's most beautiful one to date.

Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato

The car appeared in 1960, and there are only 19 in the world (each of them is still intact and collected by Aston Martin's collectors). The original purpose of the car was that Aston Martin wanted to build a lighter and more competitive car than the Ferrari 250 GT series. Beautiful, aggressive. It is now considered the most memorable car in Aston's history.

1930 Mercedes-Benz Count Trossi SSK

Also known as the black prince, it's hard to imagine such an outstanding design in 1930, which is currently collected by Ralph Lauren, a famous collector.

1955 mercedes-benz 300SL coupe

The biggest feature is a seagull shaped door, like the wings of a butterfly.

Jaguar E Type

Known as xk-e, it combines performance with excellent workmanship and unparalleled design.

Pagani Zonda

Interestingly, when the designer Horacio Pagani designed the car, he used his wife as the inspiration model. In fact, when you look at the front of the car, Zonda really has a supermodel.

1967 Shelby Mustang Eleanor GT500

The car became more famous because of Nicolas Cage's movie - 60 seconds - and it got a name - Eleanor.

Rolls-Royce Phantom

Its aluminum body is the largest in the history of automobile manufacturing industry, and every line and detail on the car shows power and elegance.

1938 Talbot-Lago T150 C SS Teardrop Coupe

The first impression of this car, the most suitable expression of the word is water drop, later also known as teardrop.

After reading the pictures and introductions of the above 10 luxury cars, I wonder if the designer's uncanny work is amazing. Among the 10 cars with the best appearance, this 10 million Bugatti police car of Dubai police is definitely smart, beautiful and super performance.