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What car do you and your heroine drive from the stars? Tuhao woman Quan Zhixian loves red Mercedes B

The hero and heroine of "you from the stars" is an alien, a well-known actress. At first glance, they are local heroes. There are some famous cars in the natural film. What kind of car does your hero and heroine from the stars drive? You should know that tuhao is always connected with Mercedes Benz.

From the perspective of vehicle type, the hero of Jin Xiuxian should drive a Mercedes Benz class a car, which should be a180 or A200 in general. The reason why we don't speculate that it is B-class is that the headlight of A-class Benz has a corner, which is consistent with the shape of this head in the film.

Quan Zhixian's big red convertible car in the play is easy to recognize. At first glance, it is the convertible version of Benz's 2014 e400 coupe. This high-performance sports car is no longer suitable for Quan Zhixian's role in the film.

It seems that tuhao is always associated with Mercedes Benz, but in addition to the car, tuhao ingredients are everywhere in every detail. For example, many clothes of Quan Zhixian in the play are famous, including a set of white coat and a black interior, which cost about 60000 yuan. You can buy a domestic car to drive.