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Will BMW X6's former Designer Join Great Wall Haval, like H8's coming into market, only see gimmicks

The Haval H8, which is comparable to the Volkswagen Touareg, has made a fire some time ago. A brand-new 4S store of the Haval brand is ready to be built, and the new H8 car is released. The price goes into the 200000 interval SUV market. All the major media go for a test drive. The most train type of automobile forum makes the H8 fire impossible.

But with the continuous ticket skipping and the news release that the problem of adjustment came back again, it fell into the freezing point again, and the car building ability of the Great Wall was also questioned by various auto media and fans, when can we see the domestic luxury SUV?

In recent days, Mr. Wei Jianjun, the boss of haver, has made a big gimmick, claiming that Pierre middot leclek, the former designer of BMW, will join haver of the great wall and will launch eight new SUVs in succession.

The former BMW designer, er & middot; Leclerc, has a long history. He transferred from Ford to BMW in 2000. He was the first to participate in the localization design of several BMW models in Los Angeles design studio in the United States. In 2005, he transferred to BMW Munich studio and personally completed the appearance design of X6, the first cross-level sav model; And has led the design of a new generation X5M, X6M and a series of models.

The Great Wall Haval's development plan is even more surging. Haval people firmly believe that in 2020, there will be three major professional SUV brands in the world: Haval, Jeep and Land Rover. Let China's independent luxury SUV go to the world.

But countless viewers also said that they hope that the former designers invited by havershing to BMW are not only a gimmick, and don't jump ticket as many times as H8, and releasing a good car as soon as possible is the most powerful proof of enterprise strength.