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Hannanda's "where's dad going" movie made his wife accept this stupid guy

During the Spring Festival, the movie "where's dad" really made Toyota hanranda angry. Its sharp edge is on Infiniti's FX series. To be honest, Xiaobian has long been interested in Toyota, but her daughter-in-law has always disagreed. Fortunately, the mirror head in "where's dad" saved Xiaobian's car purchase plan.

I drove my friend's Highlander before. It has the advantages of great appearance, spacious space, light start, low fuel consumption and low failure rate, which makes Xiaobian very cold. Just recently, I had a car purchase plan. I wanted to start with the supreme version of Highlander directly, but I had to come down from the whole car at about 350000. My daughter-in-law repeatedly ordered it to exceed the budget. At the same time, she said: 'I can't see this Stupid guy, because it's not cute at all. '

I know that my daughter-in-law is a stubborn and determined thing. It's hard for you to persuade her back. At one time, I thought that my dream of becoming a certified owner of hanranda might be shattered. But who knows where my father went? The movie version saved me.

At the beginning of the year, on a sunny day, I went to the cinema with my daughter-in-law and my brothers and sisters to watch "where is the father?" before I went, I didn't have a cold for the movie. The main daughter-in-law was the brain powder of these five handsome daddies and cute children. I had to shout to see her God Zhang Liang. I had no choice but to spend my life with her.

But who knows, there is a scene of hannanda in the movie, and it's the car of five handsome daddies and cute dolls. My daughter-in-law asked me what kind of car I was, and I said angrily: 'it's the hannanda I mentioned to you every day. 'I didn't expect her to say:' so handsome. 'this sentence is like a bolt from the blue, and my little brain begins to be active. I must take advantage of the pursuit and come home for a brainwashing plan.

So it took five days to start eating, sleeping and going to the bathroom. They all told their daughter-in-law about the data, parameters, security and practicability of hannanda, and replaced the computer wallpaper with a handsome man. Their Kung Fu was as good as their hearts. Their daughter-in-law said on the fifth day: 'then it's OK, but it's not because of you, but because of my God Zhang Liang. 'although it's a bit shocking, I'm going to have a happy mood of hanranda.

Later, I didn't need to talk about it. I came to the 4S store to mention the supreme version of the Toyota Highlander. Here, I would like to sincerely thank the wonderful moment of Highlander in the movie "where is Dad going".