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What kind of Ford is the character of the four Chinese members of exo-m

For Chinese fans, four Chinese members of the exo-m team are most concerned by us. The personalities of Lu Han, Wu Yifan, Zhang Yixing and Huang Zitao are quite different. Today, let's see what kind of luxury cars are suitable for Chinese members with four personalities.

Lu Han

He is very beautiful. Many people think he is warm and obedient at the first sight, but you fans of exo must know that his real character is more man, righteous, responsible and sometimes a little naughty. Therefore, the definition given by Xiaobian is a cute and naughty pure man. For this kind of character, Ford Taurus is the most suitable one.

The round streamline is full of handsome, but its understated appearance makes it look a little bit less resolute and performance sense. However, it is a sportsman with a 3.5-liter twin turbo engine. When you are small, it gives you a subversive impression. Isn't that the mixture of Luhan's mischievous and men's subversive temperament?


Handsome and cool, he is a child of a single parent family. He has developed a calm and independent thinking character since childhood. As the captain of exo-m, he always stands up to speak at critical moments and supports his teammates. He is absolutely a cold and critical man. Therefore, for him, it is most appropriate to drive the Ford Raptor F-150.

The spacious car body gives people a sense of security. It always follows you slowly, just to tell you that if you turn off the engine and get stuck in the sand, I will help you get rid of all this. It depends on me at the critical moment.

Huang Zitao

The standard Qingdao kid, who also learned martial arts when he was a kid, played a good sword, had explosive muscles, and made continuous progress in the team. He became more and more handsome. He just started to feel stupid, but he did everything with great momentum, which coincided with the character of Ford Mustang.

The super large air intake grille and the muscular body always give people a feeling of stupidity. Like a Mustang, I don't know how to yield. I just choose to move forward. Continuous progress is my best weapon. Huang Zitao quickly drives it away.

Zhang Yixing

Zhang Yixing is a child star who can't be choosed. He has been famous in Changsha since he was a child. His pronoun is easygoing and gentle. He dances and sings in silence. If he doesn't move, he will be moved like a rabbit. I think the new Mondeo is the best for him.

Like Aston Martin's front face, which is also our most familiar Ford car, the appearance in 007 is enough coquettish. It can be said that it has become famous since childhood, and the moderate price is accepted by the public. Such a big boy next door is the most suitable one to drive it.

The above is what kind of Ford car inventory is suitable for the four Chinese members of exo-m. these four big boys may have other understandings in the minds of fans, but no matter what, they are all handsome, sunny and hard-working exo in our minds.