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How to make up students with light makeup

Simple student make-up painting, how to make light student make-up? Not everyone is suitable for heavy make-up, students are suitable for painting simple and elegant student make-up, Sihai net small editor teach you a few student make-up skills, easy to draw simple student make-up!

Students with light makeup have higher requirements for base makeup, and the skin base should be well cared for.

1) Deeply clean the skin and pat with lotion.

2) A layer of BB cream, do not need to be too thick, the same is the use of push evenly, and then pat the technique. In fact, this is enough, but to achieve better results, you can modify it.

3) Gently sweep on a layer of honey powder, especially when the weather is hot, honey powder has the effect of fixing makeup.

4) you have double eyelids, but you can also draw eyeliner to enhance eye contour. Recommend the use of eye liner, but do not shake hands, oh, otherwise it will draw crooked. Eyeliner is easy to paste off, it is best not to use.

5) put on mascara. If your eyelashes are long, you should still apply better eyeliner.

6) apply a layer of colorless lipstick, and then apply a pale pink lip gloss, which will make the lips appear full and will not dry lips. The effect of the finished picture, the overall makeup looks light and not greasy. A light makeup is so easy.

Have you learned? This is how to draw simple student makeup. Have you mastered the skills? Please continue to pay attention to the women's make-up channel around the world. More student makeup is waiting for you!