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Teach you to paint students' makeup and be confident

Students will also have parties and dates in school, so how to draw a confident and beautiful school student makeup? Today I will teach you to paint student makeup, so that you can be confident yourself!

Makeup for students in school: fresh color and meticulous drawing skills are the key to eye makeup. Green, pink, blue and other coloured eye shadow are soft color choices, which can create close eyes for people, and can avoid the tender feeling of light eye shadow through delicate and delicate depiction.

The key is how to apply famille rose in the right place

Step analysis

1. Use the light yellow eye shadow to smear the entire socket, then add it to the brow bone.

2, brown eye shadow is added to the corner of the eye to make the whole makeup look healthy yellow.

3, smear blush on the cheekbones and draw a circle around the cheekbones. The colors are naturally graded to make them look natural and healthy.

4. Apply a full layer of golden orange lipstick on the lips to make the makeup more attractive.