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Teach you fresh and fashionable student makeup!

Beauty tips: in today's colorful makeup, pure and fashionable student make-up has always been a beautiful landscape. Today, let's learn how to make a fresh and fashionable student makeup.

Make-up principle - process technology chapter: a summary of the personal experience of the fashion and fashionable student's Makeup Foundation. The following content is arranged by the shopping website for your reference.

Student makeup, sweet and sweet student makeup

If you feel that the foundation is always hard to push, just use a sponge containing a little water to help instantly smooth the cream. This can also enhance the makeup effect. And it feels cool and cool when making up. This is also a secret recipe for Makiyo foundation.

Look at the foundation, actually there are many kinds. There are makeup, cream, foundation, powder, honey powder, makeup and makeup. I remember that before makeup, I only had to wipe the powder. Later, because the company had arranged make-up lessons, I realized that the original beautiful makeup can not only be said to wipe powder, step by step, each product can not be less. Now, I will go to the foundation liquid first, then the powder and the honey powder. I also found that liquid foundation is much better than powdery bread. It is easy to control the thickness of the makeup that is wanted, and the time for fixing is longer. It can also control the oil on the face. When sweating and eating, it will not leave ugly marks on the lips.

What should students do if they take off their makeup? This is certainly a problem everyone will encounter. In case of sweating, oil and other conditions, Makiyo uses a whole face paper to gently press the whole face, which is faster and more effective than the way of repeatedly pressing with oil absorbing facial paper. Moreover, it will not be stained with the color of the color makeup. After pressing, it will be slightly patched with sponge powder.

If there are some small dislike flaws on the face, such as spots, pock, dark circles, bags under the eyes, etc. (I'm most afraid of the dark circles that I didn't sleep well before, I don't seem to be good at spirit). After finishing the foundation, we can aim at the minor defects, point the micro concealer, and push them gently with fingers or sponges to make the concealer and the foundation smooth, so that the whole makeup is perfect.

In fact, I think Japanese make-up is very clean and very thin. My most feared foundation is that kind of thick white foundation like a wall. It looks unnatural. It looks like a ghost. How can it be beautiful? So I urge you to love your beautiful eyebrows, but don't use your face as a wall.

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Student makeup 3 steps to success on the perfect foundation

1. It's the smartest way to use pre make-up cream, especially for oily skin or people who are easy to take off makeup in summer. This can inhibit the production of oil, absorb too much oil, and help you magically cover up your thick pores. If the skin is very dry, you can skip this step and just go to the foundation cream or liquid foundation.

2. followed by the foundation liquid, first lighter in the face of the central part of the T, followed by the cheeks, then gently push the foundation, gently push from the center of the face, and then push down until the neck. The foundation should be very careful and very uniform, like the corners of the eyes, corners of the mouth and hairline edges. It can be smeared with hands, or gently pushed evenly by using a small wet sponge.

3. after the foundation is finished, for the T part and easy to glossy part, put a little bit of honey powder on it and then flutter into other parts. The skin of the eye should also be flown to the powder, but transparent and light is the principle. Do not flutter too much.

Makiyo's make up Report

Student makeup basic maintenance (make-up water + emulsion + cream) is no less than before makeup, then you can first wipe the makeup before frost, and then foundation cream and honey powder, but remember that the volume must be good, so that the makeup will be naturally light. There must not be in the dark light make-up, the best is in the place with natural light, will not inadvertently make up too thick


Many students will sweat in summer and take off their makeup easily, especially in the T-shaped part, which is greasy and looks neither fresh nor fair. Such a problem is really annoying. It doesn't matter. Makiyo teaches you some tips that can help you feel fresh after applying makeup: after basic maintenance, wrap ice in a towel, slightly 'ice compress' your face, calm the pores of your face, make your skin feel cool and comfortable, and the effect will be more comfortable after makeup.

What & quo; snew -- Hari observation station

Many people think that Japanese girls like to paint heavy make-up, but they are wrong. Japanese girls' makeup is transparent. They use a little powder to make themselves pink and tender with texture. It looks like they are born with good skin quality. People who like the way Japanese beauties make up can read more Japanese magazines. What Makiyo must read every month are: vivi, ray, egg, Cawaii, and Harbin sister must read it.